[modern] Transmission Rotary switch

The rotary switch “tells” the transmission ECU which gear is selected. I
think it would take a real electrical “expert”, and be MUCH more trouble
than it would be worth to try to “end run” the system. I have been doing
some limited (local) driving with the “start inhibit” switch de-activated.
The transmission remains in “limp home” mode. This was done just enough to
keep the fluids circulated until I was able to obtain the XJ6 wiring
diagrams for the 1990 model year. The interior of the car now looks like a
war zone with the console dis-assembled and radio, etc removed to gain
access to that infernal “in-car” connector. I have figured out how the
“J-gate” system works. The rotary switch itself has an amazingly short
range of movement and absolutely no feel as to which “gear” might be
selected! When I get a replacement, I intend to dis-assemble the old switch
to see how they work and if they might be repairable.
Yes, John Bond made Road & Track a fairly well respected magazine with a
strong technical content, much different from the “pretty picture” book it
currently is.
Everett Turner
90 VDP