[modern] truly trivial issue solved

mea culpa, i am properly embarassed at automatically thinking my
faithful jag with a non-functioning ashtray light as a matter of course
had something downstream wrong, rather than it being a simple burnt
bulb. I think jag ownership has addled my ability to reason!

my thanks to dave l, peter young, brett and benjamin tang (who wisely
suggested i just quit smoking)

i found the cigarette lighter bulb in about a minute after pulling the
ash tray but could not tell if it was burned out. using my somewhat
questionable powers of deductive reasoning, i pushed in the lighter to
see if it was getting power. yes! ok, this must mean the bulb is bad. my
lousy eyesight couldn’t see a break. knowing full well this was a truly
esoteric bulb, i visited a friend in a nearby computer store. he saw me
pull up in the jag and gave me some very loud friendly (and
well-deserved) verbal abuse about what the heck did i think his place
was, pep boys? he kindly had a tech confirm the bulb was shot. on a
lark i went to a auto parts store, and there on the shelf for $2.49 for
two were a pack of wagner 17037 bulbs. 2 minutes later the job was done
and the ashtray tucked back in and buttoned up.

i await my next challenge in diagnosing the dreadnaught.

my thanks to all and apologies for taking up bandwidth with this, but at
least i learned a little.

eliot brenner
annandale, va.
suitably lit 89 xj40 at 54790.

Eliot,after reading your post on the ashtray light I got curios. After owning
my car for 5 years I never knew it had a light in the ashtray. I went out
today, pulled the ashtray and found the bulb. As I was removing it , it light
up(I had the lights on). I bent the wires on the and of it for a better
contact and now have a light in the ashtray. Thanks for what you thought was
a trivial post, I have learned something. I thought everything in my car
worked, and now it does.
Jim Moore(88 XJ40)