[modern] TSB alldata XJR related

About bucks,
I knwo what you mean , i’ve just picked up the car for the indep for the
second time (first it was brakes rotors and engine/trans oil renew) they
show me the upper subframe bushes !!! horrifying how badly they were. no
more stick between the plastic part.free play between subframe and body. A
bit dangerous to drive.
The bill is 1000 pounds (the previous was 1700 pounds) I know now what you
mean by plenty of money ! my account is now fully empty. i’ve to call my
bank on monday to give them some explanations…

Fortunately, next week i’ll be on business trip for the hole week by
plane,my toy won’t need any gasoline to put in !
This car hasn’t been so well cared by previous owner… seems that i’ve
already heard this sentence…
anyway, no more noise on the front end !
It’s a real joy to drive it

The indep will check about the global warranty about TSB’s next week. I’ll
let you know about the result if they can be applied in all countries

For the idle speed mine bounce up to 1200 in neutral. But not always,
sometimes… just why i suppose it’s the throttle return spring

It would be great for all XJR owners to write a list of failure we met. Just
like for the fourty. It would be good for each of us and future owners !
don’t you think so ?

I’ll write mine within a week or two.
I still love this car…

Have a nice weekend all !

96XJR so far 2170 pounds spend within three weeks to cure bad
maintenance…and it’s not at the dealer’s rate !! how fortunately i am
2 others not as expensive