[modern] UK plates and converting to rhd

Ben Tang suggests just making the conversion to RHD while we’re tacking
these plates to the front and rear of our cars.

it would make sense for me. i don’t know about others, but my 89 and other
88s and 89s i have seen (at least most of them) have what i think is an
instrument cluster made for england. the speedo is on the left, the tach on
the right. my eye is trained to go for the center or right side so i have to
consciously look for the speed, and fortunately have not been pulled over

i have learned to know what rpm corresponds to what speed once the torque
converter has locked out. i know that 2650 rpm is 80 mph, about 2100 is 70
mph, and 90 is in the neighborhood of 3200 or so. it’s a little
aggravating. but as long as i start paying close attention to the speed when
i hit 2650 out on the highway i seem to do ok. otherwise, the car wants to
be going 50 on any street posted 35, and 60 on anything posted 40 or above.


eliot brenner
annandale, va
89 xj40 at 77090