[modern] Update on conversion to sports springs and steering vibration

Hi All

Well the rear sports springs are finally fitted but I have NOT collected the
car but I am told its fine now. The car is still in the garage to cure the
vibration in the steering at idle and through the floor pan.

As no other cause can be found and it seems to have started after the rear
engine mounting had a new rubber bush fitted I have asked my Mechanic to fit
new engine mounts. These will be the later softer ones.
I found in the archives that Kevin Campwell had similar problems with
vibration and changing the mounts cured it on the advice of the ever helpful

As to the rear sports springs. Well for those who have followed this very
long diatribe the latest update is as follows:-

It started with the small independent mechanic not being able to obtain a
part number from the dealer that he uses. Therefore I tried a local Agent
to me who provided the part number JLM 10588. This has proved to be totally
incorrect its only for SLS cars!!! I would point out just to be careful, I
checked this with another Agent who also gave me the SAME part number! They
both said that it was for SLS and non SLS and you just needed to say which
you needed. So for anyone one also going for the conversion be warned this
advice seems to be incorrect. I say incorrect as if you read on it was
supported by Coventry.

The Agent who supplies parts to my mechanic ordered them but after fitting
the springs the car was far far too low at the back. So I phoned around
again and checked the part number with a third agent and was told that this
part number was correct.

So we tried a few spacers, that was an improvement until a load was put in
the car then the handling was awful and almost bottoming out at the back.

So the cars went back to the mechanic 3 weeks ago and its still there!!

So armed with information from Bryan Neish that the springs are 9.5" long
for the SLS and 11" for the non SLS the springs were removed the springs
and checked the length these proved to be only 9".

So long discussion with mechanic and him with the agent left me waiting for
the agent to order replacement springs. 5 days on still no springs the
Agent was still allegedly waiting for them! I then contacted Coventry who
told me that their data base was being updated and some orders were taking 2

Two weeks later STILL no springs and the mechanic was told that these had
NOT been ordered, the Agent had only checked the part number with Coventry
who said that it was the wrong one!

So I personally phoned the Agent who said well we ordered what you wanted
and only one spring length is available I explained that 3 other agents
disagreed and said I would contact Coventry.

Customer complaints were very helpful and checked the part number. They
phoned back to say that there are to lengths available under this number and
they would contact the agent. So a few hours later I phoned the agent who
ordered the Springs and after a short conversation parts agreed to try again
3 days later guess what another set of 9" springs.

Now a short conversation, with the same person in parts on what he actually
sees on the parts CD, soon convinced me he was correct only one size. So I
gave him the part number Bryan Neish had fitted that is JLM 11476. Now they
told me in advance of ordering them that these are a spring related to a
very limited number of 1993 cars. These springs turned up but were only 10"
long. Bryan and I had a chat on the phone about his problems and the
difference in length of the springs as his were nearly 11" and he still has
his original SLS spring measuring 9.5" long.

Well short of ANY other option I told the mechanic to fit them with the
correct spacers for the spring colour code. He had a small problem with
this as the instructions said fit two but not which part number was the
0.125" and which was the 0.25" ones. However he worked it out by elimination
as two of the same part number was required on mine.

In fact, he says that he had major problems compressing the springs to get
them on the dampers as they were so stiff. Hopefully this accounts for the
shorter length. Shorter but stiffer so looks like Jaguar have changed the
specification since Bryan fitted his ones, well I trust thats the reason!!
Latest reports Friday night is that the car looks level but awaiting a test

Well after all the bad information the loss of the car for 3 weeks let alone
the cost of fitting I asked for a refund on just the cost of the springs!

Customer Complaints at Jaguar seem to have no problem with this then
promptly phone the wrong garage. IE the one that originally gave me the
incorrect part number. So a phone call back to me saying the Agent you
quoted knows nothing about it. Now that’s a surprise why should they you
have phoned the wrong garage!

Latest is that the Agent that did supply the springs will only talk to the
person that ordered them. Even worse my mechanic ordered them through a
third party who it seems is reluctant to complain. All this is rather
frustrating as I feel its not the Agent that ordered the JLM 10588 springs
thats at fault, well other than the fact he could not supply a part number
in the first instance. Its rather the other 3 agents and Coventry for
confirming that they were correct! So now its messages via the mechanic to
get your act into gear or I will SUE but then again who?

I do have a sound but rather long winded solution to this but best published
on list. There is a policy for the list not to get involved in disputes and
I will respect this desire. I am sure its just a case of talking to
Coventry them excepting that its rather down to them to credit the Agent who
supplied them.

Coventry’s comments on updating the Data Base leads me to wonder if all the
Agents gave the correct information as they was it on the parts CD!




Black 1992 4 litre Sovereign 81,000 miles currently hoping to get the car
back and add to this mileage, its virtually been off the road for 2 months
now over all this.

200 bhp 1700cc Cosworth BDX 1988 Caterham with Brooklands, Quaife 5 speed
box 50,000 miles