[modern] What's that in the washer bottle?!

Dear all

I’ve lived with a leaky washer bottle for a couple of months
and just used to fill her up to below the join between the neck
and the main body as a short-term remedy.

Yesterday, I removed the neck part of the assembly so I could
replace the #1.32UKP washer that had hardened badly. I noticed
that around this general area, it was very oily with HSMO from a
leak a couple of months back. Alarmingly, this had found its way
past the old seal and into the main body and there was about 2cm
of lovely green oil floating on top of the washer liquid!!

I presume that the pump draws the liquid from the low down in the
bottle and so it’s unlikely that I have been spraying my windscreen
and surrounding body work with HSMO/washer fluid. I sincerely

Isn’t it amazing how next weekend’s Jag tasks are dictated to you?!

I’ll be dropping the main body of the washer bottle to thoroughly
clean it. I’ll also have a look at the low fluid sensor, as this
has never worked since I bought the car. I’ve a funny feeling
that the bracket and rod supports will be rusted on, too. Lovely.



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