[modern] Who we are...and what we do

Hi all, I guess I’ll add my info to the groups…

This is a great group by the way…it’s been very helpful!!

My name is Cecil Acuff, I will be 44 in Sept… I live in Gulfport, MS. with
my Beautiful wife of 20 years, Norma (nurse) and my two children ages 8
(Tiffany) and 11 (Christopher).

I work for The Southern Company, one of the largest Electric Utilities in
the U.S., I am a Telecommunications Specialist. Been with So. Company for
15 yrs. and am looking at a very real possibility of being severed in
continued corporate downsizing, Oct 2nd (thought that was over!)

I purchased an 88 XJ6 VDP (Black) several months back and have been having a
ball getting it back on the road. Just about had to have it towed home when
I bought it. It had been used up and no money spent on it in years.
(110,000 miles) Had a good engine, transmission, body, glass, electrics.
It’s most major need at this point is a new differential. Growls, but it’s
not getting any worse. I am driving it while saving for the CW rebuilt.
Paid $2250.00 (USD) for the car and have spent another $2000.00 to get it on
the road and dependable. Hope I get to keep it!

My other interests include Amateur radio, Flying (private pilot),
Fishing…and a little Astronomy! (Don’t get time for much with working and
raising kids)

Again, you folks have been a great help in getting my Cat back on the
road…as I continue to restore and refine it, I am sure you will continue
to be of great help! I will also try to pass along anything I learn in the
process that may help others who are following in our passions with these
great machines!