[modern] Working with a net and throttle

It is 100% correct to use a 1/4 drive when removing the throttle body. Also
I’m glad I used my (learned the hard way) practice of placing a rag beneath
an area that has small parts that could fall into the engine. I was removing
the C keeper (not sure of correct name) that holds the post/cruise control to
bell crank, by not so nimble hands dropped the post. It fell directly into
the rag and did not get lost in the engine somewhere. If lost I’m sure that
Jag USA would charge a ridiculous price for it.

I did not have a 1/4 drive and my 1/2 drive was not small enough to get off
the bottom bolts of the throttle body. I did get to SET the throttle plate.
It was set tighter than .002 inch and I reset it to .002. I got to clean
around the throttle body, clean some stuff off the MAF screen (AFM on my 4.2)
and do some general clean up and tidy up a bit around this area. I bet there
was 1/4 inch of gunk in the bottom of the folded hose. The throttle body
itself looked fairly clean.

I will tackle this again once I buy a 1/4 drive set (mine took a walk
somewhere)? I did remove air cleaner box and the rest of the assembly
leading to the throttle body (just to see what and how it’s put together).

From start to end was about 1.20 hours. Now that I have a technique to
installing the intake hoses I’ll knock off some time.

All that is remaining is to warm up the engine and set the base idle.

90 XJ6

Recently did the same general ‘housecleaning’ on my '92 , found that:

  1. Had about 1 inch of sludge in the intake hose!!!
  2. The throttle plate had no gap, reset it to .002
  3. The T shaped hose from the oil filler tube to the manifold/throttle body had a small crack at the T
  4. Didn’t have the correct metric 1/4" socket, so took off the C shaped intake manifold pipes on each side of the throttle body to remove the throttle. Was amazed to find how loose theses 4 bolts were. Couldn’t find any torque specs, but tightened the entire set… some seemed like they were just hand tight. These do not have any gaskets, but I did apply some gasket compound to the two I removed.

One question I’ve always had is the intake pipe on the air cleaner box is a real bugger. The top of the box doesn’t lift off high enough for simple air filter replacements, need to take off the whole box. That whole area is just a bad design for a part that should be ‘user-friendly’ when replacing air filters. Anyone modify this… or is there some simple trick I am missing!

thanks, Tom