[modern] Xenon Lights, was XK8 headlights stink

Lance wrote -
<>Having owned another vehicle with Xenon’s, I’d LOVE to see Jaguar
offer these for their line of cars. It “feels” (to me) as if the color
of the light enabled me to see better. <>

I’m not positive, Lance, but I believe the new X-Types have a Xenon option.
Maybe someone can confirm, but you may be indirectly getting your wish. The
reason I think so is -

This past Friday evening, I had a vehicle come up on me very quickly as I neared
the end of a local expressway. I noticed it from very far away in my rear view
mirror as the headlights caught my eye. They looked to have a different “glow”.
If I was to give it a one word description, I’d say they looked “Nuclear” -
Really stood out from the rest of the traffic. My first thought was “Hmmm. That
looks neat. Wonder what this is coming up.” I couldn’t make out what it was
until after turning off the expressway. The vehicle passed me forthwith - Dark
Colored X-type w/ the temporary tags still on. Only the second one I’ve seen on
the road outside of the showroom.

There was really something different and “special” about those headlights,
that’s why I was thinking they were Xenon.

Oh - My compliments on your good automobile taste - XKs and 911s - and
sucessfully making a “non Jag” comparrision w/o stomping even a tiny bit of
someone’s feelings - even if it only was about headlamps !

Kind Regards,
'88 XJ40