[modern] XJ40 Sway Bar Tester

Hello all-

I am a registered lister on the the XJS site, but I
wanted to pose a question to those of yuou with XJ40
(88 and up XJ6 ) cars. I have a friend in the
aftermarket suspension parts business (he makes sway
bars), and he’s considering making an uprated front
bar for an XJ40. The stock bar is 13/16"- he’s looking
to make a 1" version. This should make a big
difference in handling of the car.

He needs one person to trial fit the prototype on
their sedan and run it for a while and provide some
feedback. Specific details can be worked out. Ideally
this person would be in the San Francisco Bay Area. Is
there someone out there interested???

Please E-mail me back directly- I am not subscribed to
this list


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