[modern] XJ6 Taillights & Tires

Hello All,

I noticed on my 91 gun-metal silver VDP that the taillights appear to be
discoloring slightly. Their color is mostly grayish with patches of
non-gray or white. The taillights also have probably been minimally struck
due to a minor collision and have small spider web-like cracks on them.
There are no mechanical problems, it’s just a cosmetic issue.

The local Jag dealer said that the taillights typically discolor over time,
and to correct this would require the replacement of the entire taillight
assembly at a cost of $400/side. I was wondering if one could simply
purchase the lens cover itself whether it be factory or after-market?

I also have a question concerning tire type/quality. I visited Costco to
check on their tire prices, and they offer either a V-rated Michelin for
$133 each or a Z-rated Bridgestone for $103 each-what is my best choice?
I’ve heard that Michelins are of better quality, but was wondering if the
higher rated and significantly less expensive Bridgestone tire would suit my
needs the best. I put mostly city miles on my Jag with no significant
highway driving, logging only about 8K miles per year.

Also, I’ve got some “FMI” (for my information) questions: Is the 91 VDP most
commonly referred to a XJ40 and not a XJ6? And what does OEM stand for?
Sorry, I’m new at this!

PS. A special thanks to Gregory Wells, Brett Gazdinski, Narendra Dubey,
“Spothound”, and “Gasshauler” for their extremely useful/cost saving input
on my previous question to the group concerning the rear self-leveling
suspension and replacing cracked veneers. And cheers to Mark Stephenson for
his well-informed recommendations on where to bring my Jag for service here
in Scottsdale, AZ!

Thank you,

Michael Weyenberg
Scottsdale, AZ
E-mail: @Mike_Weyenberg

As far as tires go, since you don’t do any high speed driving, any
tire should be fine, as long as its the correct size.
If you just drive around town, at moderate speeds, look for a quiet
tire…smaller blocks, smaller gaps in the tread, smooth look.
Speed ratings are somewhat silly for around town use.
If you liked going fast, the choice of tires would be important.
At 8000 miles a year, you want a tire that will AGE well…

Your car is a VDP, an XJ6, and an XJ40!
Most people would know it as an XJ6.

OEM is Original Equipment Manufacturer…they make parts for the factory,
not aftermarket made who knows where…
Bilstein is an OEM for Jaguar shocks…monroe is not…

1990 XJ6