Modified air cleaner for Stype/420

Has anyone ever came up with an idea to get cooler air flow to a S-type or in my case 420? The stock air cleaner sits on top of a ripping hot engine that draws air past the exhaust manifolds in a zig zag manner. I was hoping someone had a better design?


When new, there was a flex tubing from the collar of the air cleaner to the lower left side of the rad, exir´ting somewhere below, and thus suvking cool air, far from the headers. There was even a fastening plate which I dont know exactly where it mounted.

I ran a Air duct over the engine , down the inner wing , and had a Air filter on the end , just below the subframe ,
Now I have HS8 carbs there is no room for the set up , so have fitted pancake Air filters ! d8ff6c8508f2040f7b95f4b8d0cd84964d6fa89e_1_690x388%5B1%5D

There was originally a cardboard/aluminium tube which fastened to the airbox intake. This fastened to a bracket bolted to the timing cover above the dynamo adjusting bracket. Thus air was drawn through the radiator near the fan as opposed to off the exhausts.

My car has a 4.2 + 420 manifold + HD8s so very little space. I built a steel air box and then ran a hose under the fender to draw cool air. Required cutting a hole in the side of the firewall and removing the wiper motor. But the benefits were worth it for me.