Modified console for six speed manual

(phillip keeter) #1

Recently installed a six speed manual tranny (T56) to my lumped '76 XJC with a '95 LT1. The shift lever comes up several inches back of the original Jag location so had to modify the console to accept the larger opening needed to accommodate the stick throw from 2nd to reverse. I used a shift stick and boot from Summit.
I was able to modify the original aluminum console piece by cutting the opening in the new position and crafting an overlay of wood paneling that was tooled to fit inside of the original piece. I glued this piece to the metal piece using contact cement. There was not enough room to save the ash trays but the lighter and lock button were fitted within the paneling.
I chose a stain color that closely matches the wood dash trim.
Not to brag, but I think it looks nice and not “too” much out of place.

(Paul Wigton) #2

Very nicely done, sir!

(baloo) #3

Factory quality!
I love innovations, especially found in the Lumper group.

(Motley) #4

Nice job, looks great

(dave brown) #5

Very well done! Nice work!

(Carl Hutchins, Jr. ) #6

I add my compliments. Very tidy. It just looks

Not to detract from your success, I did something like that way back when on my 69 IHC Scout II. Far better than the leaky original…


(phillip keeter) #7

Thank you all for the kind words. As with most of this stuff, it took a lot longer to complete than I had anticipated. But man is this fun to drive.

(jrinam) #8

similar to what I did, I kept the tiny useless ashtrays, then I

quit smoking.

(Carl Hutchins, Jr. ) #9

Nice. Mine remains original.

But the tiny ash trays seem to have never seen ash. Great. So, I use them for coin receptacles.

Not an original thought, I know.

I’ve not looked at whatever I’ve stashed in my Jeep’s tray. As I recall, it not mussed with grimy ash.

Yeah, I quit the nasty habit in 78, But, as I recall, sorta, I rarely if ever lit up and drove…