Modified Crank Sensor Bracket

Removed and replaced the CS bracket on my '97 X300, 4.0 ltr.
The new bracket is made by Andy Stodart and is intended to advance the timing by 5 deg.
The bracket is well made and easy to install.
I used a 1/4" drive ratchet and a long extension to remove the 8mm bolt that holds the sensor.
Then a 10mm socket with no extension to remove the two bolts holding the old bracket.
Cleaned everything, especially the round sensor which is a tight fit in the new bracket.
Started right up and runs great. Will report back when I have data on mileage and power.
Andy and his Wife, Helen were super to work with and the bracket arrived within a few days.
His email is:

Tom Roorda
Olympic Peninsula of Washington State
1997 X300