More 123 Dizzy Questions

Thanks for your help everyone. I found the source of my misfires at higher RPM and under load. The culprit was my beloved (and much maligned) Champion Bow Tie terminals. Two of them do not appear to have continuity. The rest all measured five ohms resistance. I doubt that I was only running on four of six cylinders, so my guess is the spark jumped a gap in the terminal and then again at the plug. I imagine this gave me a weak spark in the two cylinders. Before I started this thread I ordered new Champion terminals from SNG. They look similar but attach to the plugs more snugly and are rated at 10 ohms. They also cost quite a bit more than the old ones.
Putting them on did away with the misfires completely.

I can now spend some time getting acquainted with the 123 Distributor. It seems to work well at both speed and around town. I have it on position 4 now, but may back off and give it more time at #2, which Classic Jaguars recommended. It is still running with the copper wire strand leads and the new Champion Bow Ties. That doesn’t seem to be a problem based on one spirited drive. I will let you know if anything changes.


Here is a brief update for anyone who is interested. I put another 140 miles on the car and it is running great. I am very pleased with the 123 dizzy. In its old age, the car took to blowing black liquid out the exhaust on startup. That now seems to be completely resolved. I moved the 123 back to position 2 and it seems to run well whether at speed or around town. The biggest change may be around town whereas before it clearly wanted to be on the open road. Now it is willing to go wherever, whenever, making it much more driveable. Thanks again for all the input.

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Hello Bob, just wondering what wire / caps you are using from SNG. I just bought these for my 66. It says tensilized copper leads which I think is recommended by 123.

Did you use the same?



Tensilized? I’m hoping spell check caught you out, because that makes no sense.

Below is a link to what I bought. I bought a kit previously similar to yours. The terminals are similar but the new ones are marked with 10 ohms resistance on the side. The old ones were not and measured 5 ohms. The major difference is that two no longer have continuity issues and work without problems.

Sorry. The link didn’t link. Here is a screen shot. I bought the $13 variety made by Champion.

Yep… typing too fast… uggh…

Nick you do know you can edit your posts to correct FFS (Fat Finger Syndrome)