More power for the V-12 Engine

I was cleaning out some old files on my computer when I came across an incomplete document that I had long forgotten.

It was titled “More HP from the V-12” and was intended to be an additional link on my website. (This question has again resurfaced)

As most of you know I no longer own my XJ-S and as such have a minor, intermittent presence on the Jag-Lovers list.

That said I have decided to update this information and post it as the last final link to my website.

For those interested it’s titled “More Power for the V-12” and can be accessed at the following URL.

Fair disclaimer, these are my opinions only. (smile)


Bad start, Bernard. The Jaguar V12 debuted earlier than that in the SIII E-Type and had carbs.

…the V12 in its fuel injected form debuted in 1975.


Should have made that clear. I was of course referring to the fuel injected models. Will update link to clarify (smile)

Updated website to clarify that this link only applies to the fuel injected models starting in 1975.

thanks Bernie, pretty much how modded mine 25yrs ago!!

BASIC GOOD engine knowledge, what American Hot Rodders have been doing for close to 100yrs!

and Allen Scott also said Torque is King especially on the street, stroke it as much as your pocket book will allow!
what a lot of guys dont know, is the Jaguar V12 was engineered for Smooth ,Quiet , driving , when engineering changed from the V12 4 cam Hemi design ,to 2 valve single cam , power was NOT considered important!
your papers are spot on tho!
stroke it and GEAR it!