More powerful cabin fans

The GM fans do run different directions per the Jag Service Manual. The difference in the squirrel cage size is taken up by making a large silicone gasket surface on the the outside of the mounting plate pad. Then waiting for it to setup and mounting the fan…it barely fits but it does without touching.

Jaguar AC system is equal in efficiency to the wiper system. I can get 40-42F at the side vents but
currently it is freezing up the evaporator. I plan on replacing the drier an evacuating and recharging
ONE more time before replacing the whole heating and AC with the Vintage Air System. Heat works
well in the car and it already is run by electronic Vintage Air Heater Servo unit.

That would be very sexy for an old Jag.

Is the noise from the motor or the airflow itself.

If it’s the airflow then there’s nowt you can do about it apart form reduce the airflow.
If it’s the motor then consider simply adding more sound insulation on the motor and fan housing.
Be useful to know before I get to that stage …long long way off…

the motors are quieter, but the rush of extra air from the squirell cage makes more noise

Yuo have a net gain, but it isnt as quiet as modern cars, metal vs plastic ducting probably has something to do with that

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Thank you guys. Awesome ideas and suggestions as always. It’s really just wind noise. Great problem to have :rofl: I’ll look into resistors and the fans are the correct direction.

Do you positively know that the evaporator freezes up, Roger - or do you just mean that the Ranco declutches the compressor, as it should?

Vent temp, in ‘full cold’ is somewhat dependent on ambient air temp, but if the Ranco trips at +2C the system runs as cold as it gets…

xj6 786 Sov Europe (UK/NZ)

To add to Frank’s replay Roger, the Ranco switch (at least on my SIII) is adjustable.
I had the same problem when I converted my system to R134a, probably because to a stuck open expansion valve that I didn’t change, and solved it by adjusting the Ranco to cut the compressor a tad sooner.
I don’t see the need to replace the drier and recharge as your system seems to work, in fact more than it should.
An other idea, maybe the system is overcharged?
I am not an expert, just sayin …