More used parts......Anyone need them?

My 1967 two gages are original and have free tint
I went New with no tint for a different effect
They both are very nice
Pm me remember all comes with a surprise😀
My old steering rack
Worked fine but I went with a quick rack
Pm as well

I could put them both to good use! :grinning:

So they made gauges with and without tint?

No repop has no tint
I want no tint and on the amp gage I removed it and had it rebuilt
When I’m done the dials at night will be white and black!
Neat effect

Any one horny baby!
One works great the other ehhhh but original
The rack, gages , horns all could use new homes keep pming me I’m cleaning up

Hi I’m interested and willing to pay! My rack is junk and temp gauge is a bit wonky as well.

Ok let me get it together send me your mailing address and foamier out what it costs ok

Are you still interested…
I can put the gages the rack the original horns and a surprise everything in a box
150 dollars? that’s including the shipping.
Its better than it sitting on my shelf
pm back

Hello. I have a 66 FHC coupe “shell” and I am beginning the easter egg hunt to make a runner out of it so other than seats, body & frame, gas tank, glass and door insides, I need pretty much everything else! Enough of that… If you still have these parts I am wondering how much with shipping to 98376 (Quilcene, wa.) Dave Pratt

Will know tomorrow…
I have a good used rack
Couple of gages a couple of factory horns one works other ehhhhh
Other stuff
Just 150 dollars and that’s including the shipping unless your. Out of country
The gages are great
Let’s me see I have some one tomorrow ok

Thank you Gtjoey. I’ll check here tomorrow!

Had a huge jag show today