Most miles on a pushrod Jaguar in 2023


Not that I am going to win this one :slight_smile: , but I had 54 happy sunny miles yesterday to our club meeting and back, and 15 miles of shopping the previous day, so now I have 5 driving days and almost 200 miles behind me this year. Lets see!



Hi Pekka,
You win so far - for me 5 days outings but only 71 miles to date this year - but just wait till mid-May and I might catch up!

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Yesterday was nice weather so I had the top down and did 66 happy miles more. :slight_smile:

So this spring’s total for me is now 217 miles in 7 days. :sunglasses:


And I bet you’re the only MkV owner on the planet. who’s done some of those miles with chains on… :slight_smile:


Hi all,

And sorry I didn’t report back sooner, this was already last Saturday, but I had a very busy week, my daugher moved last month but still putting together cabinets and book shelves etc AND I am moving from one garage to another one, funny how many bits and pieces I’ve managed to collect in only 15+ years! :laughing:

So I wasn’t going at first, but then it was a chance to meet a long lost brother!

#527126 1st reg. in Helsinki on March 14th 1950 as AO-200 had not been out in 28 years!

But after the first 9 miles at 9 AM I lost all oil pressure at about 3.000rpm and the speedo showing 60mph. Before that it was 60lbs and I immediately switched the engine off and coasted to the hard shoulder.

20-30 mins later I had the oil pump shaft back down and good oil pressure again.

The rest was nice, except me & my passenger friend were late for the meet.

But after 123 miles I was back and all was well.


Ps. So I am at 340 miles this year, eight days of driving! :smiley: