Motive Gear 3.73

Does anyone know if this will work in an 1984 XJ6?

motive gear for a dana 44?
what motive p/n are you looking at?
why the need for 373? planning a lump and hot rod set up?
why not put in an xjs center section with the power-loc (posi) and iirc you can get that in a 3:54 gearing if you fine the correct year

depends on what yoke style is on the pinion,

bolt holes in the ring gear may not be the right size

there is a ratio split for the carrier, but I dont know what it is, and I dont know what you have in there

3.54 rearends from MKX and 420G will fit an XJ …(MKX have LSD)

This is a “salvage” XJ6 that we are running in 24 Hours of Lemons, so we are looking to optimize the ratio for acceleration coming out of the corners. The 4.2 I6 is dead, so we are installing a (don’t laugh or cry) J35 and a 4.09 would be ideal. However, the 3.73 is the highest we could find without modifying things. The problem is that motive says it will fit a mid 70s XJ6, but they don’t know about an '84. We don’t know what the differences might be. Thanks for the help.

The Motive part number is D44-373.

Enlighten, please: “J35?”


LeMons Fan in Keenesburg!

J35A4 out of a Honda Odyssey. It is a V6. Also we are doing Lemons with a small m, the $500 car race. :slight_smile:


hi mike, i use the 3.73 ratio, been 26yrs , 1978 XJS dana 44, original ratio was 3.07 PW lok!

i went to a local 4+4 shop with old gears(ring-pinion) in hand , set them on counter, never said what they were from!
counter man looked at them ,went in back room,came out with a set of 3.73 gears, said they fit JEEP rear ends!
says you workin on a JEEP?
we both laughed and agreed , USA Dana sure can get around with there stuff!
also there are other mods you can do , like exchange the PW lok clutch plates with some from early Corvette , puts more Bias into the LSD unit!

Love it! Prolly makes the same hp, but much less torque!

Hope you earn an IoE with it!!!

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What did you do with the 3.07 R&P?
I’m not sure but I don’t think Mike’s '84 XJ6 has a LSD.
Best to check the tag on the bottom left.

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Thanks all! Looks like we are good with the Motive 3.73.

hi Doug, after having them around for 20 odd yrs, like any old junk ,into the scrape yard!

Hey mike , how much they cost?, from Motive 3.73?

Ron, Summit Racing has them for $167.20.

good price , way back 1994 i priced a R&P from UK , they wanted 1000 lbs UK ,plus shipping to FL.
local guy charged me $150 dollars, since then i try to NOT buy from UK.

Aye, found in many critters. My 79 IGC Scout II. Had them, front and rear. Same as the ones in my then neighbors big old Ford F250 4x4.

Son now lives next door. Messing with a 69 Ford 4x4.
Dana’s again…

Last night, I was enthralled with You Tube’s Jonathan Winans. Fabricator from junk extradoninaire (sp).
Narrowing a big Dana for his “drag car”.

My son’s bog old Dodge Cummins powered 4x4 has Dana 70’s !! Same design as the 44, but on a larger scale…

Whereas my Jeep "enjoys: 35’s. Dana again, but smaller… Son and I perused my Jeep manual for detail
on renewing the ball joint on his big Dodge, aka Ram…
Same design, only difference is scale.


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