Moto Lita steering wheel horn contact

(Brad Reynolds) #1

I have a Moto Lita wheel on my Series 2 XJ6, and there is no connector to between the horn push and the convex brass contact (end of long tube contact buried in the column). When contacted, Moto Lita suggested their “long pencil contact” which, from what I see will not work at all.

Anybody fabricated something that works? or found the prober brush from a supplier? I can see how I might modify the OEM brass spring contact in the original steering wheel, but it won’t be easy.

Welcome any input.

(Roger Mabry) #2

My Grant wheel is connected with a wire that ring connector on one end and a “hook” type connector on the other for removal of the button.

I can take a photo if you need one…try a wire with jumper connections to confirm it will then beep the horns.

(Brad Reynolds) #3

Thanks for responding Roger. I can’t quite visualize the connector you are describing. A picture would be worth the proverbial 1000 words - if you think you can provide one. Is yours a series 2 car?

Thanks Brad

(Roger Mabry) #4

S1, but the concept is the same. Will take a photo tomorrow or you can look at Grants site for the connection types.

Roger Mabry

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(Frank Andersen) #5

The convex brass contact is connected to the horn relay, Brad - providing ground to the relay then the horn button is pushed…

The steering wheel metal is grounded - and the horn push simply connects steering wheel metal to the brass contact. Don’t know the layout of the Moto Lita - but what you need is something that connects the two when the horn is pushed…

xj6 85 Sov Europe (UK/NZ)

(Brad Reynolds) #6

Thanks Frank - working on a little spring loaded button contact now - probably an acorn nut with the threads drilled out and a spring fitted internally, surrounding the threaded stud protruding from the back of the ML horn push.


(Roger Mabry) #7

Here is the wire that connects my horn button to the rod in the steering column. Has worked fine for years…

Note that the end on the horn rod is not complete, has a gap that is used to bend the end so it can be put off the rod and then straightened out to hold properly.

(Brad Reynolds) #8

Great picture Roger. As I interpret it, there is a hard connection to the rod, and the loop of wire is allowing lock-to-lock rotation of the wheel. An alternative to the stock spring-loaded contact from rod end to the single central horn push contact stud my Moto Lita horn push has. I’ll try to stick to the spring loaded stock wheel horn push link, but I need a spring capable of carrying the not-insignificant amount of current the horns draw (Hence the need for a relay)


(Frank Andersen) #9

There is no relative motion between the steering wheel and the central brass contact during steering wheel turns, Brad…

xj6 85 Sov Europe (UK/NZ)

(Brad Reynolds) #10

All good now - a small spring fitted over the threaded stud sticking through the back of the horn push, with a small brass rivet fitted into the other end of said spring and a working horn. Thanks for advice all.