Moto lita steering wheels

I read about some members replacing their 16 inch steering wheel for a 15 inch
If someone has done this and would sell their old 16 inch for a 1970 roadster I’d be willing to discuss


I have a perfectly restored 16 original wheel from a 1970 OTS. PM me.

Hi Bill…a Moto Lita original?
When you say restored exactly what was done to it - was the wood replaced?
Moto Lita themselves offer wheel rebuild/restoration

What type of money are you after for yours?

Graham Newall

I will send you a PM

Who is it that restores the original steering wheels and what does it cost?

British Auto Wood will restore your wheel for you. They used to sell kits to do it youself, but I think that is no longer the case: link here: Jaguar E-Type XKE


Thanks for the tip, David.

Also, if you’re up for doing it yourself or have a friendly woodworker locally, I did my wheel with a kit from the UK in 2010. Was very happy with the results, marginally thicker but made the same way from wound mahogany veneer.
Nick Reeves, 44 121 7336898