Movie car or what?

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now on e-bay, item nr 333736911849

I think I recall reading about a US TV show where the family teens bought an old car and built it into a hot rod, could this be that car?

Very tacky if you ask me, I can see there’s also been a spare wheel mounted onto the trunk lid.

It used to be a white (Ivory?) / Red 1950 MKV RHD 3 1/2 Litre Saloon. Vin #624167

In California and a rather interesting black California plate “C DEVIL”, huh?



Ya know, if you were to chop off the front apron, between the front wings, remove all the silly lights, and go back to the stock headlight nacelles…it’s not absolutely horrible.

I know! :laughing:

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If you could buy it for cheap and restore it, it would be the perfect opportunity to have a $25,000 classic for only $100,000! :rofl:

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Yuk!! Why??

I see a few good parts on there, but it’s already bid higher than I would want to pay for a parts donor car.
Movie? Horror comedy maybe. Maybe they’ll claim it was a Clark Gable car. More like Lon Chaney.

Don’t forget Gary Cooper: if reports are accurate, Cooper owned every Duesenberg ever made…:wink:

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“Indiana Jones & the Raiders of the Lost Ark”

Quoted from IMDB:

All of the German vehicles in the desert chase sequence are replicas of pre-World War II German vehicles. The Mercedes-Benz 320 staff car is a Jaguar MK9 with a modified MK5 body; two were built for the movie by Classic Cars of Coventry. The cargo truck is a Mercedes-Benz LG3000 replica, built on a GMC CCKW. Gobler’s troop car is a replica of a Mercedes-Benz G5 “Geländewagen”.



Yeah, I know about the Indiana Jones Merc’s, actually they look good in comparison to the item on sale, but I bet they would cause some stir in any British car event! :smiley:


I was wondering if you guys would bring up the Raiders car. Sort of a stunt car double stand-in because a real Mercedes was too valuable to go jolting through the desert.
It was also used in the TV serial Piece of Cake.
It comes up for sale every few years.

Here is where it came from.
And their back lot. Notice the Mark V chassis with headless pushrod block.

And a poor, forlorn Rover P5B…:persevere:

And they were ALL made in 1928. The year in which the car was sold gave it its model number, so a car sold in 1937 was a 1937 model. Learned that from watching Jay Leno talking about his Duesenberg. :grin:

I’ve said it before that the poor MKV has suffered more indignities than almost every other Jaguar.



I had others but decided to delete them. :confounded: Don’t get me started about paint schemes! :zipper_mouth_face:

So what are the comments about this one, seen in a workshop in Barcelona a few years ago…built on a very early LHD Saloon chassis but with DHC doors (as a start), but no more clues - any opinions …

The Jones car somewhat loses its illusion of authenticity when fitted with modern turn and fog lamps.



What about this one? :wink:

Very nice colour scheme!

Peter :wink:

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Yes, I think I had seen that once for sale.

Opinions? Well IMO it’s not bad, especially in comparison to the previous horror picture show, but it’s so close to a Saloon in appearance, of course the trunk is more prominent with that “brigde” between the rear window and C-pillar and the trunk lid. I wonder how the rear seat works or if it’s been completely left out?

It does still look very “Jaguar”, despite the two-tone paint.



Agree. If that was my car I would immediately loose the fog lamps (what are they there for anyways?) AND change the front indicator lenses to white and just use amber bulbs there inside, so that would improve the vintage looks and still give you some traffic safety.

The radiator cowl angle and bonnet do not really match, I would have had the radiator more vertical and that would most likely also make the bonnet look longer, but there must have been some technical reasons why it was built this way and as anyone who has seen the movie knows, it wasn’t exactly appearing in a concours d’elegance, was it? :smiley:


Some years ago Craig Sibley sent me a drawing of something similar that he fancied making.


And 25 years ago I wrote an April fool joke based on an SS Jaguar although the story does have some MkV content too.


At the time one or two experts seriously questioned the veracity of the story.