Moving an E-type with stuck rear Brakes

I’d imagine the removal of some of the brake pad material and spraying WD40 a few days earlier didn’t hurt. Thanks again until next time.

For the record, WD-40 is not a thread penetrant: it is a water dispersant. For better penetrant effect, you should use something like PB Blaster or Kroil

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There ya go again, party pooper. :wink:

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Ya reckon?

Yes I reckon, because that’s not the ingredients with which it was developed!

In side-by-side tests, on a Volkswagen Bug engines, the proper thread loosener always worked better than the WD-40.

Water Dispersant: it’s in the title.

go to 35 seconds if you don’t want to watch the complete official WD40 info video.

No doubt there are better products, but when the company that actually produces WD40 lists penetration as a use, kinda hard to argue.

It was all I had available. Its slippery with an oil film. So in all it probably didn’t hurt.


Nope, it did not…:grimacing:

What I hate about WD-40, is the cans won’t fully empty before they run out of gas. Or the gas will spray out but not the liquid. Then you hold the can upside down to get the last quarter of it out. Give me a better dispenser!
I’ve been known to put my compressor blow gun up to the outlet and squeeze the compressor and the can for 30 seconds. This pressurizes the can with air and can get the last bit out. If the can explodes while doing this and hurts you, don’t sue me.