Moving the temp needle?

It reads 40 when cold and far toi much when hot. Actually up into the oil pressure scale. Can I remove the glass and pull off the needle, and press it down again in the correct position?
Problem is that I think I did this a year ago, when I was testing in the kitchen. Perhaps the needle didn’t seat securely…?

Yes the needle didn’t seat tight, and yes you can remove the glass and reset it.

Before pulling the big wiiden panel down to get access to the Oil pressure/water temp gauge, I decided to try a shortcut:
I got a strong magnet and put it against the glass, where the needle was, at about 40 deg when cold. Then I moved the magnet up, and the needle came along and parked close to the end pin. I then drove off (with the horse shoe shaped magnet on the hand brake lever).
When fully hot the engine temp read 85-90 instead of 100 and 110 when parked with tge engine running for s while.
I know from my laser thermometer that it runs at 85 or thereabouts.
We’ll see how long this works…