MS Brooking, Perth

I came across this very small article in an English Jaguar publication a while ago about MS Brooking in Perth.
"Way off in what the British referred to often then as the ‘colonies’, Perth Australia, Jaguar (and Willys) distributor MS Brooking operated out of this former shop in Perth.

Good news though. As Jaguar sales succeeded in Perth so the business grew. In fact, Brookings were so important to Lyons’ dreams that they got XK120 RHD chassis #4 – that car remains in Perth owned for decades by dedicated Jaguar lover Neville Martin. His car was sold new to Spiro ‘Spike’ Michaledis who hill climbed it, and unknown to him, he became the first person in the world to drive an XK120 in any form of competition!"

My MKV was sold through MS Brooking late in 1951 and as such I would like to know a little more about the company if anyone had information to share.


Inspiration for, “On The Beach?”


Perth is labeled as the world’s most remote city - some 2 1/2 to 3 thousand km to the nearest major cities of Adelaide or Darwin.


And the “On the Beach” XK140 roadster still survives in superb condition in Melbourne, where it was sold new to current owners father - this also being the ‘Holeproof Pantihose’ advertisement XK140 driven along The Great Ocean Road, West of Geelong (second city in Victoria after Melbourne).


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Perth is indeed the most remote city. They are fond of referring the “the wise men from the East” when talking about the rest of the country.
And when I was there a long while ago, the street lights all went out at midnight.on the basis that decent people wouldn’t be out after that. It’s a shock to be driving along and suddenly the whole city is pitch blac
They made an exception and left the lights on for one of the early manned satellites to see as it went over.they also had a curious system where on a Sunday one would see occasional signs “roster” with an arrow. Pointing to the service station rostered to open on Sundays.

This is all very nice banter but I started this thread to find out about MS Brooking!:wink:

Ed, when did you renounce your Australian Citizenship for Cuban Citizenship? :sunglasses: You’re a funny man! I take it that you enjoy their cigars?


It was a default decision .Following Paul’s example I tried but Kurdish and RNK weren’t available on the list of options. So I thought Fidel has a good beard , Sounds like my sort of guy.
It’s certainly not the style of old cars they drive, but I like their health system.

I had imagined that Che Geuvara would have been your raison d’être for claiming Cuban citizenship. He liked cigars as well and would have appreciated a working cigar lighter in an SS or MKIV.

Timothy Fox

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Fidel or Che would have enjoyed extreme far LHD SS or MKIV, except the ash trays were ill suited for cigar ashes.