Mud Flap Attachment

Trying to attach some Jaguar rear mud flaps to my 1988 XJ-S. (Thanks Stephen, they look great! Very heavy for mud flaps!)

It looks like two simple screws attach them to the body, but I looked at mine, and where the two screws are supposed to go, there were just rubber plugs. When I pulled out the plugs, all that’s left are two small square holes.

Or do I go from the inside, with a screw, and put the nut on the mud flap? Not sure how to access inside the rear fenders…

I assume something fits inside that square hole that will receive the threads, yet somehow firmly secure them to the body. Is this a common part? Something like a license plate nut?

Or do I just JB Weld a nut in there? :wink:

something similar to this

Great, thanks. I just saw these at O’reillys. Same thing. Will this be strong enough to hold mud flaps with water hitting them?

I may JB Weld them to the body.


The key is to make sure they’re the correct size. They should just barely fit in the hole, a good snug fit.
When the screw,bolt whatever screws in to the plastic it spreads apart and be surprised how good it will hold

The OEM Jaguar mudflap kit includes some small white square plastic anchors that go into those holes after you remove the rubber plugs. You can probably use some round plastic anchors from a hardware store instead.


The local auto parts store has those plastic square anchors for license plates, you’re right they look sturdy once the screw bites in and spreads those plastic tabs apart, but they are 3/8". The square holes for our mud flaps are only 1/4".

Looks like Home Depot sells them. :slight_smile:

But thanks for the replies! I know what I need now! :slight_smile: