My 04 j8's current condition

Hi all I just registered but I’ve been to the sight a few times and I also follow the other forum across the pond. Thought I’d get some input on where I’m at with my 2004 Xj8 4.2NA, with 80k miles. First I only have a grand in the car so I don’t mind spending some money on the repairs, to an extent.
Currently the pending job is to replace the timing components and check the compression and I’m prepared to go as far as pulling heads to replace valves provided I can get all the parts I need.
The cause was a failure in the diaphragm in the flying saucer oil separator on the left valve cover. It fail while backing out of my driveway and dumped oil into the intake, it was enough to cause damage so be aware.
I don’t believe there’s damage to the lower engine but I’m getting valve chatter on all 8 cylinders. $1500 is my max I’m going to spend on parts and I plan to repair it myself. It’ll be my first Jag motor but I’ve done a few other rebuilds and I’m confident I can do this one if I can find everything I need both parts and document wise.
I welcome any thoughts or suggestions if anyone has done this repair successfully.
I’ve been doing a few other mods while I’m waiting on parts and time for this project. The one I’ve been focused on the most is moding the front lighting and Intake since I pulled the front cover and cooling system for better access to the timing covers. I’m in no hurry since I have a spare car to drive. I’ll likely hydrodip the valve covers and intake while they’re off, I just need to pick a film pattern. Leaking toward true fire on the intake and mechanical looking on the covers. My cosmetic covers are already done in a maroon flake.