My 1958 Mk IX, What's its value?

Hello everyone, just wanted to introduce myself. Name’s Sean, been a looker on this forum for a long time but this will be my first ever post. I’ve actually worked on classic Jags professionally ever since I was out of high school. I’ve worked everything from XJS’s, Saloons, to all models of E-Type’s, some replica C-Types, one real D-type. My real area of expertise is however around classic Rolls and Bentleys. But, needless to say, I’m quite familiar with the old Jags. Hoping to help out here once and a while and feel free to shoot me message if you have any technical questions, I’ll try my best to answer when I can.

Now I do also have an agenda (because we are all just selfish pigs at the end of the day lol) I wanted to share with you all my 1958 Mk IX project I was given to by a customer who lost interest in it and wanted to build something else. I was going to take the project on my own time but unfortunately I have decided just to put it up for sale as I know I’m never going to get around to it. (I already have one ongoing restoration project and one is MORE than enough)

Here are a picture along with a link to my listing for more information. I’m currently asking $5,800. You think that is a fair price or is it too much for the scope of the project? It’s hard to put a value on these cars because how few of them are out there and there doesn’t seem to be much demand for them.

I think your price is in the fair range

The problem I see for you is this vehicle is a non-runner, which, in my opinion means the market is limited to someone that wants a big Saloon and can put one together

Therefore, in my personal opinion, you would probably be best served providing a somewhat more detailed description of what work needs doing…and possibly the “pros” and “cons” for any potential buyer, especially what parts are missing (if you are able to). If no parts are missing, that would be a selling point :smiley:

A buyer of this vehicle would add up the cost of what needs doing to the purchase price, and compare to one that is a goer

Another lister, Mike Eck has just gone thru a MKIX, so he would be able to comment

Appreciate your feedback. In regards to parts, I did try to document every part I have. Unfortunately it seems I’m missing more then what I have. I know this is a detriment to the car so you will probably see me lower my asking price as the weeks pass.

There are a lot of proprietary parts in a MK IX and there are a lot of them missing from your collection. My reaction is that this will never be a complete MK IX again, because replacing the missing parts would range from very expensive to downright impossible. I see this group of parts being useful as spares for someone who has a complete MK IX that got the body wrecked and needs doors, fenders, etc. That would reduce the potential market for this car, but it would be great if it could help keep another of these cars on the road. List it in the Classifieds and see what happens.

Sadly, I would have to agree with you. I’m still not going to part it out, it is overall a good shell and hopefully someone who needs all of it will find it and make good use of it.