My 1968 240 restomod so far

I have a thread running on another forum, the mig welding forum, but I had better post some pictures on here. I am in the UK, Essex, When I was 19 I bought a Mk2 3.8 MOD that I fitted a Mk10 manifold and triple carbs to, it was I think my third car, first (road) car was a 1960 MGA 1600 soft top, bought for £100.00 in 1973, while I was doing that up I bought a Hillman minx 1500cc for £25.00 with a new MOT, the minx was sold to buy the Jag, then when the MGA was finished (1975) I sold the Jag. Around eight years ago I saw this MOD 240 on Ebay and put a cheeky bid in for £1602.00 and won it for that price, it had been parked in a garage in 1979 and was seized up but looked very solid for a UK car, I removed the engine at work and steam cleaned it but did nothing more except look for parts, again mainly Ebay or the Beulieu jumble, when I retired I brought it home and put it up on stands in my garden shed! I am fiting the proper Mk2 bumpers and leather seats, plus a 3.4 engine from a 1985 XJ6 series3, up in the air|690x424

front corner

will post some more another day.

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Big job, but looks like you are doing it well.Good luck.

Someone fitted a clutch using the old school method!

a job like that … what will the cost be??

Don’t mention cost, my wife may read this! I was trying to be in for £10,000 (UK) but suspect it will be nearer £15,000 including the original purchase price, it is a budget restoration but to a good standard. I paid £16,000 for the car six or seven years ago, it then sat waiting for me to retire, the only job I did at work was to remove the seized 2.4 engine as I did not know exactly how my home workshop would pan out!!

The front is in high build primer, needed a clutch alignment tool, my workshop broom is 5" shorter now! IMG_20210301_173439480|666x500

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Is that a Coombes wheel spat behind the lathe?

Coombes style… to be fitted provided all goes well with the 6j x 15 series 3 E type wires…

Thanks…a lot work…:slightly_smiling_face:

:grinning:yeaaa…a lot money

Just noticed a fat finger error in my post! and I hope my wife has not seen it! I paid £1600.00 for the car from Ebay, it had been unused in a garage since 1979!

Asking price for manual Mk2 cars here is between $50,000 and $80,000 for good condition units. The fact that they have five speed boxes or engine changes doesn’t seem to matter that much. Paul.

What I bought had been sitting in a poor condition garage for close on 40 years, but was, for a UK car, relatively rust free, everything rubber had turned to rock and all the chrome was poor, the engine was stuck, and a 2.4, I thought it was cheap at the time, six or seven years ago, I am looking forward to driving it! same here for a Mk2, larger engines and five speed or auto to manual conversions do not affect value unless a rare version, a 1968 240 with plastic seats and slim bumpers whilst now quite rare was/ is not a valuable version,

:grinning::joy:…yes wrong finger

Hi mate,
Whereabouts are you?
I’m in Rochford essex and have just bought a V8 250 that needs some work but is a runner,
Keep up the good work.

Theydon Bois, south of Epping, I know a couple of motorcycle guys down that way, Trog and John Spalding,


They never “some” work! post a few pictures,

Your right there,
When I say running it does but it dont stop,ha.
It does need work but luckily I havnt found any rot yet.
Trying to find somewhere to rebuild my calipers before I splash out on new ones.
Still cant see how to add a photo here.

I have just rebuilt my servo, master cylinders and made new pipes, found some used stainless front calliper piston units on ebay a few years ago, will be using them on the rear and have some four pots for the front, with vented discs,

started to build up the front suspension and test fit the front brakes today, ! 420 uprights from Ian, Zeus four piston callipers from a drum / disc conversion kit for an old London taxi, vented discs (rears) from a Mitsubishi 3000GT/ GTO, 6J wheel from series3 E type, original 205/70 tyre, IMG_20210306_150107685|375x500

Did you have any problem getting the rear hub bearings off?