My 1993 xj40 sovereign

Have recently bought to go with series 2 and x type .
I need help with two problems
1.Dash lights do not go off even when key turned off ,
2. Battery goes flat when trying to start , somewhere a huge current draw .
Thanks for any help

Hi David …

Battery goes flat when trying to start …

  1. First make sure that the battery itself is not at fault. Have it tested, if it’s the least bit iffy replace it.
    Actually since you probably don’t know the age and condition of the battery I’d recommend just
    replacing it anyway.
  2. Use a multimeter to check for current draw at the battery. Eric the Car Guy gives you a step by step
    video on how to do that.

Dash lights do no go off…

  1. On my '89 there is a small round instrument dimmer switch low down on the left side of the
    steering column. Check to see if your '93 has one and try rotating it back and forth.

  2. A reason that come to mind for the lights remaining on with the key turned off would be the ignition
    switch. With the key turned off and the dash lights on check to see if any other lights will come on.
    Radio, curtesy, door, etc.

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1.Dash lights do not go off even when key turned off ,
may be sticking or fused relay…and obvious cause of killing your battery
—all lights should be OFF with KEY OFF… all functions in JAGS controlled by relays… only low currents go through ignition and dashboard switches… realys switch all loads"

  1. Battery goes flat when trying to start , somewhere a huge current draw .
    Did this problem occur over time? or instantly? anyway sounds like the starter maybe binding and or the starter is OLD and grease in its bearings may be like glue and could cause higher than normal loads but would not kill any GOOD battery…If problem occurred over time…then. Grooveman gave good advice… replace the battery if age is unknown
    If per chance battery is fairly new… then possibly your charging system is leaving you with a weak weak battery

The other possibility with the starter is that the planetary gears have spat the dummy and shattered, effectively seizing the unit.

Thanks for the replies , have further info for you .
When I first got the car a couple of months ago the battery would go flat after about 48 hrs , say to about 11.5 volts . A quick jump start and off it would go , no problem with starter motor , I replaced battery just in case . Car has been in garage for about 4 weeks whilst we were away . Jump started yesterday and went for a long drive , alternator was charging at 14.5 volts . Turned car off at home and tried again to start , no such luck . Battery has full voltage but when I turn key to start all lights on dash go off as though there is a loose wire and test meter shows fluctuating draw up to 8 amps . The ignition key appears to be very sloppy in the cylinder. Could I have some sort of short in the ignition wiring ? . Thanks guys in anticipation , Davidk

I would be checking for a parasitic draw to start with, but also I think having the battery checked by a sparky to see if it is still good.

Thanks for all your help , turned out the 2 months old battery had a dead cell and wouldn’t hold more than 10 .5 volts when not charging ,cheers David

Good to know, I have a had a vehicle in my shop (15yrs ago) who’s battery was so bad it pulled the jump pack down so much that I had to take the car battery out of circuit to start the engine.

I know what to look for in future , cheers David

David …

Did you resolve the “lights staying on” issue ?

I did , feel a bit of a twerp . The lights turn off on the rheostat switch , just a bit of pressure anti clockwise and the switch turns off all the lights, hey presto , cheers mate and thanks for your help

David …

“feel a bit of a twerp” … welcome to the club. It took me quite a while to even notice that the dimmer switch was even there.

Now that being said, that dimmer switch is only powered with the key in the number 2 accessory and start position. So with your key turned off it shouldn’t have had any effect on you dash lights. So I kind of doubt that was the problem … BUT … I can’t argue with success :smiley:

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For some reason my dimmer switch is controlled 2 ways , firstly it can be used when the lights are turned on and will dim and brighten as normal . However it can also be used without any key in the ignition or the lights turned on . My dimmer switch , which is original , has an on / off switch incorporated in it , if you turn the switch to the front of the car and you use some pressure it actually switches off , you can then use this switch to turn on or off the dash lights without key or lights being on . I have a friend who has an x300 daimler which has the same system . Beats me why you would need dash lights when not driving . Cheers for now , David