My 3rd E-type (

Introducing my latest acquisition

Now I can also claim to have purchased a real bargain:

73 S3 OTS with drop-top and hard-top
35000 miles

Sadly the car has been resprayed, rather well, but not perfect. Beige Interior original 1973.

I found evidence of rust and rust repair, but much less than expected.



Is that a highway rest area? Where?

Also, how do you like the new Ranger?

Yes, its a rest area at Harrismith a halfway rest area halfway between Pretoria and Durban.

This is my 2nd Ranger… A fantastic towing truck. This one is a 2020 3.2 manual 4x4.

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Nice to see something green for a change. :smiley: A blanket of white is getting old.


Well done. As they say - Why have just one?


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In the US, you’d be accused of being negligent and dangerous with that towing set-up…apparently, you need a truck with a 10,000-15,000 lb towing capacity to tow 5,000 lbs :roll_eyes:

I routinely tow a 4,000 lb camping trailer with a Toyota 4Runner that is rated for 5,000 lbs, and you wouldn’t believe what a conversation starter THAT is at campgrounds…

Nice car, BTW.

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The Ranger has a legal towing weight of 3500kg (7700lbs) here. That rig was well under that.

I understand. I’m just highlighting the difference in mentality.

So now the whole process of sorting out all the usual V12 issues starts all over again.

Already done:

  • Thermostats removed, tested, reinstalled

  • Fans come on but temperature at which they come on, not verified yet

  • Carbs balanced (draw the same air at idle)

  • Carbs synchronised (they all open at the same time)

  • Needles removed, O-rings replaced, free movement of needles when adjusted verified, set to 1.5 turns out from full in (full rich). Final fuel tuning yet to be done.

Top priority work to follow soon:

  • Remove OPUS ignition, install modern ignition system

  • Set timing as per Philip’s method (ignore “the book”)

  • Implement Philip’s version of Lutz mod (4,6,12mm)

  • Correct front ride height

Observations thus far:

  • Engine, gearbox and diff sounds like it has done only 35k miles - it runs very quiet

  • header tank leaks profusely, handed in for repair.

  • 4200rpm @ 75mph !!! :cussing: This is like driving my Coupe in 2nd all the time!!! (2.88 diff going in, in due course)

  • Some slap dash aftermarket aircon system was installed in place of the usual heater box. Must all come out. AC pipes running right through the centre of the V !!! As if there is not enough going on there.

What is “Philip’s method” for setting timing?

Imagine THESE conversations…!

And that’s just your breakfast :smile:

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This is “Philip’s method”, specifically for the carb’ed Jag V12 as found on XKE etc, in the absence of a load dyno, but I’m the village idiot so just laugh at me, don’t do what I do:

It is implied that fuelling is reasonably correct, neither excessively rich nor too lean.

  1. Remove vacuum retard rubbish and Implement vacuum advance;
  2. If at 0-200m altitude, with vacuum disconnected, set timing to whatever “the book” says;
  3. If at altitudes higher than 200m, with vacuum disconnected, set timing with more advance, rule-of-thumb 0.3Âş per 100m; (this amount is rather dependent on the compression ratio of the engine);
  4. Connect vacuum advance directly from manifold vacuum (Not ported vacuum);
  5. Drive the car with appropriate Octane rating fuel and listen for knocking / detonation / pinging, adjust as per gutfeel.

We need a whole lot more of that.

Actually listening to our cars as we drive them. Tweek it a bit when we get back to our shop…

For years I towed a 18’ Glastron and trailer, closer to 3,000 lbs. than the 2,000 lb. tow limit of the 84 Camaro I used as a tow vehicle. It was a V6 five speed. Never lacked for power, even at the boat ramp.

Well done, baie geluk Philip.

Baie dankie Chris!!! Kom nie gereeld in Slaapstad nie, maar as ek daar kom sal ons koffie?

Tks Philip,
Dit sal gaaf wees om jou te ontmoet. Ek is nou in Mossel Baai en afgetree.

Then it’s more likely that we will meet. We come to George once or twice a year. I’m so disappointed that the Knysna motor show was again canceled (compliments our friendly virus). Was really looking forward to this year’s event, intending to drive down in the S3 coupe. Now that’s off the table.

Yes, it is a pity that both the George and Knysna shows had to be cancelled. I served on the George show committee a few years and my E Type was the poster girl for the 2018 George show.
Take care