My Audio Installation

This is a collection of new and older upgrades I did over the years on my sound system.


Head Unit
Blaupunkt Miami CD127
Over 3 Volts stable and Distortion-Free Low Impendence (100 W) Preamp Output (4-Channel)
In other words a very clean and true signal.
It also has an Auxiliary Input.
Very simple and understated design that I think suits the car very well.

Jaguar 008

Focal FP 4.75
Class A (Analogue)
4x75W RMS @ 13v (real)
Signal/noise ratio >100dB (A)
Frequency response (-1dB) 10Hz-35kHz
Input sensitivity 0.2-5V
Variable high-pass crossover 50-150Hz (12dB/oct.)
Variable low-pass crossover 50-150Hz (12dB/oct.)

A truly amazing amplifier.
Mounted at the top of the trunk.


5.25" Rockford Fosgate Mid-Bass
4" Swiss Audio Mid-Range
1.5" Tweeters
Tweeters and Mid-Range are mounted on the side panels, besides being the easiest and less intrusive position, they provide the most equidistant placement possible.
Three-way cross-overs, mounted behind the side panels.


5.25" Swiss Audio Mid-Bass
1" Tweeters
Two-way cross-overs, mounted behind the speakers.


6.5" Conrad Johnson.

First of all I had to create a hole at the parcel shelf as I didn’t want to have a big huge box in the trunk.


Next I fabricated a support from plywood that is mounted on the parcel shelf.


I had a square grill from an old speaker and it’s fitted on the parcel shelf, as discreet as possible.


I also made a Low Pass filter as it’s bridged with the rear speakers.
I made the coil my self as well.


i-pod Installation

This was the most complicated part as I wanted a “factory look”, no cables, FM modulators, or external mounts. I also had to devise a way to make it easy to remove it for updates.
The door pocket was a perfect place.
The sound is taken via a Belkin adaptor that also charges the i-pod and has an audio output that is connected to the Aux input at the rear of the head unit.
I also replaced the i-pod’s 8GB hard drive with a 64GB SSD drive, so plenty of music!

iPod instalation 002

iPod instalation 014

iPod instalation 018

iPod instalation 028

iPod 005


I’ve spent a lot of time tinkering and fine-tuning the system and the sound is, if I may say so, brilliant… mellow and very true with a nice deep but not overpowering base.
It compares with my 2006 Range Rover Harman Kardon Logic7 DSP, 5 amplifier 14 speakers system.
I would actually say it sounds even better… with clearer, deeper bass and mellower trebles.



Perhaps you would like to come to a neighbour’s place and sort his car stereo out, all I can hear as he drives past our house is the bass reverberating, must be getting old because it’s really uncomfortable to my ears.

Yes, that’s a common phenomenon in the neighborhood adjoining my place of work. Very irritating. The woofers occupy the entire trunk and their amplifiers are powered directly from the battery via cables thicker than the one that goes to the starter motor. [That gets my point across; actually it’s a even more than that as monster ~1F capacitors are used as well.]

There’s a product that’s basically a voice coil connected to a weight. You bolt the thing to the floor of your car and connect it to the subwoofer output of your amp. It emits no sound, just shakes the floor of the car. Y’know, so you’re cool.


very nice and clean. looks like it belongs there.
care to hop across the pond to do a few of my cars?

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Very nice job! Like the way you designed the resting place for ipod! Looks very clean and professionally done.

Very very nice. :sunglasses:

nice, I like that head particularly. I dream of getting one of those famous new Bremen SQR 46 DAB because nice looking, with modern features. BUT SO EXPENSIVE!!

Very nice looking indeed.
I find all those “running shoe” style design of modern head units full of idiotic graphics simply appalling…

Yes you really have to spend $400+ for an audiophile grade HU just to get something that doesn’t look appalling. There’s absolutely nothing for less. Theres a cheap Dual one in mine now which is slightly less awful and works well enough for me. Only problem is the extremely bright blue backlit display is very annoying at night. I have to remember to keep something in the car to cover it at night.

Like the look of this headunit from Jaguar Land Rover classic, but is around £1,000…
Kraemer Automotive Systems KR1-J6

Those are all much nicer than my solution and undoubtedly give substantially better sound. I have gone for an authentic 1970 visual and sound quality experience with a single dash mount speaker attached to an original push button radio. I am using a $25 bluetooth to FM radio connector (shown in pic) that lets me stream from the mobile phone and take hands free calls. It also provides charging points for phone and satnav (the wires in picture).

There’s a concealed antenna under the dash ( I felt an external antenna spoilt the lines of the car) which is not really strong enough to pick up many stations - but it picks up the bluetooth link FM signal just fine and so I can access a world of sound like that.

The sound is awful by modern standards with authentic sounding soft MW like radio interference compounded with what is probably a loose earth connection giving an occasional jarring scratch whenever I hit a bump or road imperfection (must sort this).

But I tell myself that was pretty well what it was like in 1970 and so it adds to the period experience.