My First 1990 XJS V12 in Black Any Advise Welcome


What is the post face lift version? Not my mechanic, the guy i bought the car from told me that his mechanic recommended it, I am thinking since I live in California and the smog regulations are very stiff? still, I am going to take it in to have it inspected. thanks!


Since I live in California, and smog regulations are strict; I am thinking that will make it so much easier down the road?


Thank you, I will look into it, what am I looking for when I remove the distributor cap?


yes the gentlemen spent lots of time on the fuel system. Later I will take pictures of the trunk, so you can see the tank and fuel stuff the he did. thanks again!

Congrats on your car, Ruben! I just got mine a couple of weeks ago and am working on a fuel system overhaul, so I’m excited to see photos of the boot when you get to them.

My other tip…buy a fire extinguisher. It’s as much superstition as anything else, but I am convinced there is some weird law in the universe where if you prepare for the worst, it won’t happen.

Keep us posted on your progress!

Ruben - hopefully, when he said he worked on fuel system, he also replaced the fuel hoses at the fuel injectors as Greg mentioned.

Adna, Riley, and everyone else,

Thank you so much for the information, it is nice to know that there are other car lovers who are willing to help. He said he did and he showed me the kit, I will take some close pics and also in the trunk. We spent 3 hours talking about the car and everything that he did. As far as the exhaust system, the sound is pretty quiet, and the only reason why his mechanic was saying it was best to change it is that I live in California and the smog laws are very strick.

Make sure to find a better mechanic.

LOL, Palmdude … Yep sounds like a case of “psychic mechanic” = he’s predicting the car won’t pass the emissions inspection there in CA or something … :roll_eyes:

And he’s already concluded that the exhaust system is the cause of the failure.

This article will show you…


Before getting too tough on mechanics…

If I’m reading things right, Ruben said that the seller said that his mechanic said that the system needed replacement.

Maybe, just maybe, something is being lost in translation?



As what may have caused a CA SMOG a failure are the catalyctic converters. Or used Non CARB approved cats to replace failed OEM cats. Or someone has messed with it!!!

Everyone, thank you! I am learning so much from all of you. I can work on Chevrolets, Fords, and dodge vehicles; but I will say this is new for me and I find learning and working on Jags very interesting.

Doug is there a particular brand I need to buy to avoid burning-through for the cap and rotor?

thanks again!


Pretty much any reputable brand of silicone sealant will do.

Kirbert, Cad, Doug,

Here are a few more pictures to give a better idea of some of the work done. The exhaust system looks good, but with more close attention there is a leak on the left side of the manifold. I wonder why he bought the left-side exhaust, but glad he gave it to me.

Going to replace the oil pan gasket, a small leak, not sure if from the pan or the drain plug.

Will be looking for a local Jaguar mechanic so he can do a full inspection,

Thank you all again!


Ooh! This is so interesting—there is already an inline fuel filter installed between the sump tank and the fuel pump, which is one of the modifications recommended in The Book. That seems like a good sign to me…

Looks like a new injector harness; definitely secure that fuel pump, doesn’t appear to be fastened to the car. The pump looks to be too large for the OE clamp, location does allow for gravity feed and better hose routing. Perhaps fabricate a cover?

Just looking at the retaining ring on the sump tank it looks a little beat up. You might want to check if the sump tank was cleaned and see if the factory filter was removed once the inline filter was installed.
What type of fuel pump is that?
Also has the filter-after the after the pump been replaced?

Let’s face it, the OEM fuel pump mount scheme sucks. The solution of simply leaving it unmounted and flopping around in the boot is probably not advisable, though.