My Growling Jag

I bought my 2019 E-pace 5 months ago and now have ~ 4000 miles on it. About 6 weeks ago I started hearing a growling/grinding sound as I eased up & down on the gas pedal when coasting between 1000 - 2000 RPM’s. The sound suddenly stops when I switch to dynamic mode and only occurs rarely and VERY briefly in full manual mode (Sport w/ paddle shifters). When I took it to my dealership, they wrote it up as no problems found, normal road/tire noise. When I looked at the GPS test drive info, it looks like they didn’t come close to reproducing the driving conditions I had described. Has anyone else run into this with an E-pace or other recent Jag model? If so, were you able to find the source of the sound and resolve it?

Take it back to the dealers and ask them to replicate the driving situation that the noise developed and not be fobbed off.


Return it to the dealer. Ask for the Service Manager to test drive it with you riding along. Make sure they fully document the visit and your complaint. Your state probably has a Lemon law too - 3 visits and problem continues - replace car! You may also ask when the Jaguar Representative will be there so you may bring in the car for the Rep to experience the problem you’re having.

Also, if the dealer isn’t providing adequate “service”, contact Jaguar directly - by mail - Registered, Return Receipt. Creates a paper trail they can’t deny!!! They will respond… From Experience (33 Jags)…

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