My jaguar S type starts than slowly dies engine surging

Need help!!! after a night of dogging my S type v8 car suddenly doesnt start after turning it off, so i had replaced the alternator. tried starting up wouldn’t start, so i had a flooded engine. unflooded it than car still wouldnt start, so i changed spark plugs and coil packs than car started sounded rough. (than car was making chirping sound) tried taking it for a ride but car wouldnt go over 5MPH so we i guess over flooded the engine with oil so we drained all oil. put new oil in started car sounded way better, so we changed the oil filter as well and when we tried turning the engine car had hard start and we didnt have a jump so 2 weeks later we tried starting the car and started than died right after, and so we changed fuel pump battery, coil packs, spark plugs, alternator, crank shaft sensor, oil filter, MAF sensor car still starts than dies RPMs jumping and dash board lighs come on.

Welcome Giovonni. What error codes are being returned by the diagnostic port? That could help as a starting point for people looking to advise. These cars are so sensitive to electrical issues - on mine, a fluctuating voltage level triggered a transmission fault and a host of other faults stored in the ECU memory.


i have not used a reader yet, just because someone had told us that the one we need is super expensive so im really lost. but the dash board lights up like crazy when the car is ab to die like my traction control flickers off and on.

thats a great first line “need help after a night of dogging”. are you on the right site. :joy: :joy: :joy:

Good pickup!!! but to each his own!

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An inexpensive generic OBD-II reader may still pull codes that are of use. But the first thing I would look at is to measure the voltage across the battery terminals - 1st when the car is off, then when the car is running.

If the voltage is at least 12.6v off, then the battery probably is OK, as it should be since you replaced it. But if not, make sure it is fully charged before moving on.

Then, start the car and measure the voltage. If it isn’t in the 13-14v range then there’s a problem. Unlike older cars, low voltage can throw all kinds of error codes on a X200 S-type. If the voltage is unstable or super-low, it might explain all the crazy instrumentation issues. So I’d get that out of the way first and foremost.