My last post was 100 years ago this week!

(Gary Boehm) #1

I own a '75 xj6 with a non running carbed Chevy and a '76 parts car. At one point I had 5 sedans at the estate at the same time. Picked and switched all the good parts, shipped and sold and scraped the rest.

Bought a few parts from Andrew and threw them into the pile.

I’ve got the 7" headlight kit and a few of the earlier thin chrome bumpers (front/back) A nice rear seat from a series III Vanden Plas I think. I remember them being like bucket seats for the back. I remember pulling them out at the junkyard and trying to put them into a series II at that same yard. They didn’t quite fit but with some tear down and mod-ing their structure a bit they will look factory. I’m a pretty handy guy!

The front seats will be Jaguar and electric but I forget where they came from, I seem to recall out of an xj-40? I’ve quite a bit of welding / fab-ing equipment and not afraid to use it, ha ha ha.

Another of my trophies from my once busy chop-shop style backyard is a couple of series I steering wheels, much nicer than the II that came with my car, so that’s going to be part of the mix.

And some door panels that will let me piece together my own ‘best of interior’ I remember the ‘grab handles’ looked real nice and when everything is all stitched up in the same colored material it will look very nice.

I took the complete front & rear (2.88 :sunglasses:) suspensions from a III and have already installed them.

So at this point they are in southern California and will be heading north in the next month or 2.

I’m looking forward to getting back into this hobby with both feet.

I truly love these cars and am continually amazed they can be had for some 2-8 thousand. Then having a Chevy power them I’d think they’d be worth twice the price.

So give me a while (won’t be another 100 years) and I’ll be posting Progress Reports and Questions.

(Paul Wigton) #2

So, now that you’re 120…are ya ready for this project, punk?


(Carl Hutchins, Jr. ) #3

Welcome back, Gary. We did miss you what few are left here!!!

Well, my Jeep was reshod. A tire went flat. Son and I sought to find the leak with no luck A 24 hour leak. And as they are not old, but ancient, I went shopping. Not the cheapest, and not the most expensive was the solution. Goodyear Wranglers. Almost match the original still in the hatch. Pristine, never mounted and never saw the road!!! ,

And, wow, CARB even specifies the PSI!!! 33.
It rides a tad rougher than it did on the Yokohama’s.


(Roger Mabry) #4

Nice to have you back…

(Roger Mabry) #5


It has been a month? Updates please!

(Gary Boehm) #6

'got back yesterday from a couple of ‘back to back 1000 mile round trips’ in 4 days. Got the '75 Keeper and the '76 Parter Jaguars. I borrowed a car trailer from a neighbor and will be using it again within a month or so for another couple of cars ('67/'68 Cadillac hardtops) - I never thought retirement was so much work, 'good thing this is my hobby:sunglasses:

(Roger Mabry) #7

Wow, what are you towing the trailer with?


Roger Mabry

758 East Cypress Avenue

Glendora, CA 91741-2731

626 963 0763

(Carl Hutchins, Jr. ) #8
  1. Way back when, I sold my “Hot Rod”. A cargo jet pilot bought it, He brought his vintage 60’s Cadillac convertible to haul the spares. No issue for its cavernous trunk/boot,

  2. He considered a rental car trailer to take the Hot Rod home. Reluctant to drive it, so, hired out a flat bed. The flat bed guy was impressed. Flat head Ford V8 powered "T: roadster on lowered “A” rails. Red wires to accent…

  3. My Jaguar is Cadillac powered.


(Gary Boehm) #9

Carl, you’re one of the few people posting here who I recognize the name of. I know the name Cadjag but never thought about it. I never read reference to your car having a Cadillac engine, I’d have remembered That.

(Carl Hutchins, Jr. ) #10

Gary :slight_smile:
That is because I only discussed oit on the Lump forum, and studiosly avoided it on the XJ forum.
Some folks at the time were touchy as to lumps. As most were o’wise good guys I made a New Year’s resolution to not rile the populace.

Yes, the donor car for my engine and transmission was a 94 Cadillac Fleetwood Brougham. In essence an SBC tuned for the purpose. Torque in the right engine RPM usually found.

A great match, the Brougham a huge car in size
ands weight. and, the S3, smaller, but also heavy. The CAD final ratio is 3.09 to one. close enough to my car’s 2.88. And the added 4th + the torque to pull it, a super match,

Welcome back post stuff. Pictures even better.

J-l needs populating, lump forum even more so.


(Gary Boehm) #11

I don’t think I ever posted pics here, 'about time I learn how, uh?

I bought and sold a few of these fine motorcars. I had 5 over the years with the distinct idea to grab all the Good Stuff for the yellow '75. It came with a small block that had a rod hanging out of the pan.

The ‘estate’ often looked like a chop shop. The series III was bought for the front and rear suspensions, I wanted the 2.88 gears.

I bought some thin chrome bumpers (no rubber) from Roger then some more from the junkyard. It will be set up with the rear license plate lit from below (light in the bumper) I got a 7" headlight kit and a larger front sway bar from Andrew/Jaguar Specialties.

I got electric

reclining front bucket seats from an XJ40 and the rear seat from a series III Vanden Plas (sp) and also some cool looking door grab handles. The car ('75 sedan) will have a series I steering wheel and starfish wheels.

hey Carl, I ought to post this on the XJ Forum, uh? ha ha ha
ok, let me try to attach some pics, I’ll find out if there’s a limit

(Carl Hutchins, Jr. ) #12

Good work !

Why not. This stuff transcends lumping.

A necropsy on the green one would serve the interests of many as to what is under the skin of these interesting cars.

Why did you chop up the green one, It looked more than decent!!!

An SBC with a rod out the side. Someone revved an "experienced engine’ way too high and too long…

Just extract the busted rod assembly, Patch the hole, add some oil and buz away on 7!!!

This J-l makes posting pictures far easier. If only this machine did not make it so durn hard to find mine !!!


(Roger Mabry) #13


I have a brand new spare lens for the license plate light in the rear bumper if yours needs replacing?

(Gary Boehm) #14

Carl, I now know Necropsy means Autopsy. I think you’re referring to the series III? I got it for $400. It had taken a good bump, buckling some metal and making the car a total. It ran and drove, I sold the engine/trans to a guy that was going to put it in another car.

I kept the steering wheel-tail light lenses-window motors & wheels just for principle.

I posted here for free series III parts, come get them = no takers.

Roger, I’ve got a couple of those tail light lights, they’re glass as I remember, thanks.

Here are some pics.

(Carl Hutchins, Jr. ) #15

Yeah, Necropsy for critters other than us. autopsy for us.

Your car to deal with as you choose, but only a crunched wing to total it!!!


(Paul Wigton) #16

Someday, ill find my cheap-but-still-running XJ6 donor for the hot rod…

(Carl Hutchins, Jr. ) #17

Mine wasn’t cheap. It looked great, rust free, ran great, until…

Then it became a hot rod. Well, not really.

But, my son terms the result as my “Hot Rod Jaguar”.

It will leave the stable on errands in a while.

A “souped up” DOHC could’ve been fun. But, useless in Kalifornia.

Unless it was a 71 or older!!!