My M7M steering has too much freeplay

The cross arm jumps when I wag the steering wheel. I’m suspecting wear in the downshaft bushings, etc. Rebuild the box? Any vendor recommendations?

If it’s similar to my Mk2 you will need to change the pin and bush assemblies on each side. Get the type with the nylon insert - longer lasting and oil doesn’t worry them. Paul

Presuming this is a Mark VII M
If you mean the tie rod, part 97, I would first look for wear in the tie rod ends, parts 111 & 112.

Thanks, I’ll check as you suggest. From the movement I see, parts 25, 26, 27 may be worn. I’ve been offered a used steering box with drop arm and have found a shop for a complete manual box rebuild. View the video. Interested in your further opinion.

(Attachment Video.MOV is missing)

No video, and I don’t understand your part numbers. If you mean part 41 drop arm is moving up and down, that can be adjusted by screwing in part 37, the big screw on the top cover. There is a lock nut on it. Part C in this picture from the Service Manual.