My new barn in Indiana

“It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a single man in possession of a good collection of classic cars must be in want of a barn.” - with apologies to Miss Jane Austen and her 1813 classic Pride and Prejudice.

I have moved to Indiana to be near my son and his family, where I have 10 acres and a heated pole barn with a paint booth and plenty of room for the Jaguars.


Looks like a 40x80
Am I right . Spray booth is nice to have and so is all the space. Nice Jag also

No time for Jags now…sounds like you may be the new baby sitter…great space…very nice


Congratulations with (1) moving closer to your family and (2) with your new barn. I know how important space is as 3 years ago I moved my cars from a barn to a double garage. It is feasible of course but I’m missing the space. But the advantage is that I’m now much closer to my coffee…

Best wishes,

Bob K.

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Wonderful! Family and a new barn with cars…what a fortunate thing you have. Just remember to train grandchildren early. They slide under these cars much easier than some of us. Of course, you are going to add that a lift is on the way.

Also, their tiny hands and skinny arms fit in places that Dads’ arms don’t fit. :slight_smile:


Wife and I are putting up a 40 x 70 steel building.and one of my sons is putting up a 100 x 200 In Colorado. Its taking a while…these things do when doing ourselves…

I can only dream…someday


Carmakers down Alabama way apparently know about this :laughing:

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Hmm… moved to Indiana to be nearer the family, where there just happens to be an enormous heated barn with all the facilities? Call me cynical…

Very nice. My old '68 Fastback was supplied new in Indianapolis, and stayed there all its life until 2003 when it came to the UK. Given the condition it was in 20 years ago, I’m guessing Indiana is not a dry state. Who needs floors, anyway?

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Here in the south, a pole barn is actually made from telephone poles, set into the ground 3 feet or so, sometimes with no sides ( aka open), sometimes partially enclosed, and a tin roof on 2x4 wood trusses. I have a partially enclosed pole barn…20’ x 40’ appx. ( 8 poles) also on 10 acres. I’d be glad to swap my pole barn for your pole barn. SD

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I second the thought of a lift. I have 3 in my shop. 2 four post and 1 two post lifts. I can’t imagine trying to work on a car without one…

Quite simply that is car porn

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I am with you on the need for enclosed and safe space for cars. I have two buildings full of cars that belong to me and my son. About 5000 feet under dry roofs. Don’t know what I could do without it. I have managed without a lift, but that is the next item on the list.

I haven’t measured it, but the paperwork says the barn is 30 x 76 feet.
A new John Deere tractor came with it.
There is also an attached 2 car garage on the house, where the XK120 is now.
A 2 post lift is in view in the future.

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Yep, we get snow here and they put salt on the roads. That’s why they call this the Rust Belt.
In fact, we are having a snow storm right now, and since I’m on a small country road, I may not get plowed out for 2 or 3 days.

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Hot cocoa, warm blankets, and one of these…


Hmmm, good idea. :guitar:


You just achieved every man’s dream! Lots of space for your cars and being closer to your family. I can relate to that as all my family is in Europe and I don’t see them enough. As for your barn, it’s just fabulous and the 10 acres and the paint booth are just the icing on the cake.
I wish you success and happiness in your new location
Merry Christmas,

I grew up in Indiana home of the five seasons: Spring, summer, fall winter, and mud.

It’s much easier in Wyoming: they only have two seasons.

Winter, and Frontier Days.


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