My new barn in Indiana

Drove out to Cheyenne one year for the rodeo. Hit a snowstorm on the way out, Bitter Root Mountains?, so you can have both in the same week.

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Nice decor & vista,

I was just showing some of my guitars to a visitor recently and thinking they are really works of art, and should be displayed on the walls, rather than kept in their cases (which in the instance of a high end guitar, are a piece of workmanship in themselves, a vintage guitar case can be worth $$$$)

Unfortunately, sunlight and variations in humidity are bad news for acoustic guitars

I hear you both, and raise you one - just one but it is one that I made myself

and I’m now onto number two, I go to a school where under tutelage from a luthier we craft our own. We start with nothing more than pieces of timber and add time and high expectations :face_with_hand_over_mouth: oh, and also :money_mouth_face:

BTW, How is this for thread drift?

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Beautiful work!

What wood is the neck?

thanks for your kind words; the neck is Queensland maple with a Macassar Ebony fretboard, back and sides are Tasmanian Blackwood and soundboard is spruce with the rosette made during Covid lockdown of assorted scraps

Now let me say that living close to the city where space is a premium I am deeply envious of any person with a shed, and when the shed grows to a barn my jealosy knows no bounds - and that is before any talk of a hoist . . .

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You will want to watch this…


Although it’s a “work of art”, I seem to have a prefernce for the “old stuff” (just like my XK 120 versus a modern hand built “one off”).

See my fathers original 1938 Gibson HG-00 (and kept in a guitar case, Rob).

Bob K.

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What a wonderful guitar, especially one that has belonged to one’s father.

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All of mine are kept in cases too, except when they come out for a photo shoot, or a gig.
The one on the right hand end is my oldest, a Harmony Cremona Silvertone sunburst archtop with adjustable rosewood bridge and trapeze tailpiece, made about 1946-52. Original price about $50-70. In the family since new. The tone is pretty good, though nothing like a Guild. I’m playing it in my profile photo.

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Classic Jaguars and 12-string guitars. Great minds think alike !
What kind of music do you play and like ?


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I’ll post pictures of it here soon, but I am getting a Cole Clark guitar, from Australia: apparently, Cole Clark, has now become the premier company to make guitars in Australia, surpassing even Maton.

The one I’m getting is a one-off custom guitar, some thing I’ve always wanted, so… as I told @Erica_Moss, life is short, dead is long!

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What kind of 12 strings are you into?

Not familiar with Redwood Mountain Ash. It is beautiful.

These days I play in the Praise and Worship band at my church.
We had a booth at our town’s Labor Day Festival on Saturday and I brought my guitar along, thinking I would play some Chris Tomlin, Casting Crowns and Matt Maher, but the lady at the next booth asked for John Denver so I played that most of the afternoon. Got a good hand for Country Roads and Back Home Again.
I play a lot of John Denver, and have played in a country band, '50s do-wop on bass, Chuck Berry, Beatles & Beach Boys on electric, Elvis on 6 string acoustic.


Me either: never heard of it. Pixie sent a vid of him playing it. Ill get a YT link later.

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Hi Rob,
It sounds like you’ve got a great background Rob. I also like classic rock n roll and some country tunes as well.The older I got the more I also became impressed w rural blues like the early Delta blues guys such as Charlie Patton. Glad to say I actually got to see/hear Bukka White in a small venue when I was in college.
I thought maybe you were gonna tell me you have 1 of Fred Neil’s original 12-strings or perhaps an old Leo Kotke one …

I have a list of about 5 dozen favorite songs that I know or am continuing to work on including rock n roll favorites, some country faves including tear jerkers, and some classic ballads.

I like your new garage, BTW; I think we all deserve our own good ShellLube Pit if you remember those!
Did those things get outlawed by the EPA or deemed hazardous? Sure seemed safer than putting cars on hydraulic hoists.

I have 2 Martin acoustic 12 strings that sound nice.
I also have a special issue Roger McGuinn Rickenbacker that’s 1 of
only 1000 made. The first rock album I ever bought was the Byrds’ first album even tho I didn’t even
have a record player at the time.

I made a joke about maybe you have a rare 12-string among your stash.
It seems to me that multiple guitars have shown up recently all claiming to be
Hank Williams’ one and only D45 – one was said to belong to Bob Dylan which is of course possible.

The late 1930s Gibsons can be exceedingly valuable and supposedly have great mojo.
The period Roy Smeck would be an example-- not the reissue.

Lots to learn w all those extra strings, though one can get some interesting surprises.

I did it kind of backwards: I first learned to play on a 12 string, and that ruined me for life!

My three 12-strings are not particularly rare, except the one that is… :slight_smile:

I have a 1966 Guild 212 (same guitar featured on the front of John Denver’s 2nd album), which is one of the first 90 built. It’s getting rebuilt at the moment.

My guitar partner, however, has one of the 20 known-to-exist 612 Guilds, and let me tell you something… If heavenly was a term to describe any given good 12, his 612 is sublime.

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I’m happy with my Guild F512XL sunburst. It’s the one I play most often.

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That is one Don wants: he has a 512, but reeeeally wants a sunburst.

And I no longer want a barn…:expressionless: