My new-to-me 96 VDP has exterior lighting issues

The left front bumper got seriously curbed at somepoint and the plug for the whole lighting shebang up there got torn off. This makes any left-turn signal attempt just give me the fast-relay sound, but no juice in the rear turn-signal bulb socket. Shouldn’t it at least fast-blink?
I have no idea what the pin-out by color is on that torn off plug so I don’t know how to re-wire it.
Where would I find that?

  1. The rear bulb holders are lighting up differently from side to side - very strange! That means that the wiring is scrambled 'someplace upstream, because the holders are all-one-piece bent-sheet-metal traces design.
    And, one of the socket’s center-pin missing completely.

Any idea where to get a FULL wiring diagram?

This might take a while to figure out . . . argh!

Thanks for any help!

Gus ‘should’ have the electrical guides on his site.(

and, thanks to Gus!

The x300 has 2 front indicator bulbs per side. Maybe one has blown or not wired up and this is causing the fast flashing. The rear indicator not working will also cause a fast blink.

If one of your rear lamp sockets is missing the center pin then that is a V8 x308 version. Not a bit deal. You just have one less tail light. Probably give you a bulb failure dash warning, but not significant problems

Oddly enough, the entire right rear lighting assembly seems to have been from an XJR. The non-hot-tab socket with no bulb correponded to a etal tab ACROSS THE BULB OPENING in the tail light assembly.
I popped out the tab and replaced the light-bulb holder plastic/metal thingy (that all the bulbs plug into) with the right year of VDP and that missing-but-now-in-place bulb lit right up!

I was lucky enough to find a guy parting a '96 VDP and he sold me both of the rear bulb-holder plastic parts.

I was hoping that replacing things with the right parts would fix my no left-turn signal problem, but NO GO, it’s still dead on the left.

How the blazes does one get into the small left-turn signal side-marker that is on the left front quarter panel about 6" in front of the driver door hinge?

I am loathe to go prying on that ancient plastic, but there’s no way to get at ‘from behind’.

I assume that If I AM going to pry at it, it’s best to warm it up with heat gun a bit first so it gives a little bit instead of just shattering?

Thanks for any tips!

Charles, the front side indicator units do prise out - protect the paint with some masking tape and gently work a plastic blade under the flange - it will pop out. Don’t break them, they are hard to replace.