My PCV system on 1988 V12

Trying to understand how mine works, as it may be different than others. I know Kirby explains it in the book, but I’m still not 100% sure what’s happening.

I assume at idle, the balance tube has a full vacuum while the B bank air intake has very little pull, so it creates a vacuum on the crankcase controlled by the PCV valve. Any oil vapor that gets through the little collection can will enter the balance tube? Or does that little collection can pull all oil out at idle? It can also suck out fuel vapor from charcoal canister if that is turned on.

At full throttle, when blowby can happen, most of it will enter the B bank air intake, but since the PCV has to open a bit for a vacuum, won’t it also open a bit for blowby? Thus pushing some oil into the balance tube, and then once vacuum comes back, the oil gets sucked into intake manifolds?

I’m almost thinking a REAL catch can spliced within tube from crankcase to PCV would help?

(I’m trying to figure out why and how to prevent oil from getting into A bank intake manifold. There’s a chance I had balance tube installed at a tiny angle, possibly dipping towards A bank)