My window sticker

Last month I ran into a fellow named Howard Meyers at a car show and saw that he was starting to address a gaping hole in (or on) our cars at car shows: Manufacturers’ window stickers.

I just got mine and it is incredible. He sent me a beginning draft and was very patient through 2 edits while we nailed down the details ( 3 SU carburetors changed to Triple SU carburetors, etc.) It came in about a week, start to finish, $35.00 Paypal. Easy.

Yes, some of the info has to be fudged a bit, but for display at a show… eh. He works your serial number, engine number, etc. into the sticker, of course.

There was an article by Paul Bicknell in The Coventry Cat, June on this.

Email him at and he’ll fire back a pdf sample. No website yet.

I created what was as close to a window sticker as possible using “MS Word” many years ago. Correct font etc. again as close as possible. You can complete it with anything you like in Word. If anyone wants it I can send it.

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I have my original window sticker in front of me and a copy displayed in my window. 1970 E coupe. It appears that the form supplied by BL has distributor Charles H Hornburg Jr. printed on the form and what is included as standard equip. most everything is hand typed in the blanks including Dealers name and Retail suggested price and cost of accessories . Far different from what is done today. I think a sticker like this today may be considered fraud?

Looking closer, this is a generic printed form. Accessories listed include electric windows auto trans etc. Model of car is typed in as is serial #

I would love to see what an original window sticker looks like. Glenn, might you post a photo? I have never seen one!

Dennis 69 OTS

Stick that on your car and I’ll GLADLY pay the original sticker price. There. Truth in advertising in the flesh, no fraud complaints from me.

Does anyone know what the window sticker looked like for cars sold in Canada in the mid-1960s? Was there even a window sticker? My 1965 E-Type OTS was imported by Jaguar of Canada in 10/1964 and sold in 12/1964 in Vancouver, British Columbia. I would like to reproduce the window sticker. I reached out to Howard, but like me, he doesn’t know what it might look like or if they even existed. I would appreciate any information or even better a picture. Thanks, James.

I did not think Jaguar did window stickers either until now. The photo posted above is first one I have seen. The original owner of my Feb 1968 car gave me the original dealer sales receipt and a bunch of other paperwork but nothing that looks like the photo above. I too now wonder when they started.

68 E-type FHC

The original window sticker for my ‘74 OTS.

Ooh, it came with a speedometer with trip odometer! :slight_smile: Pretty cool that you have the original sticker.

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And 5 year rustproofing! How’d that work out?!:joy:

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Not to mention a map light. It would have been tough to navigate without that pre-gps.

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Of the list of standard features, I just found “speedometer with trip odometer” to be the biggest reach. My 1925 Dodge (and every other car I’ve ever owned) has a speedometer with trip odometer.

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I had some access to a XK 150 back in the late ‘60s and it had the same adjustable steering wheel as the XKE. They must have been reLly proud of that standard feature!

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When I bought the car back in 1996 that rust proofing was sprayed all over the front suspension parts and gave the mechanic fits when he rebushed it. But when I removed it some of the cad plating still looked nearly new.

Also as you can see the original color was racing green with black interior. This isn’t a combination you see in the official guides but since it was relatively late in the run I guess they used what they had on hand. The second owner, one before me, had it painted black in the 1980s and it’s still that color. Paint’s held up really well.

Started with this I’d assume