My X300 appraisal video

Hi all,

Finally a video of me doing an appraisal of the X300 I ought a couple of weeks ago.
Hopefully the weather will soon improve in the UK for me to start doing some work on it.


Jaguar XJ 3.2 Sport x300 appraisal



The top coach line is painted on I think.
Meguires Swirl X may sort the bootlid. Difficult to see from the video

Drivers seat is in amazing condition for age

Looks good, if you can find some fit X308 headlights they are infinitely brighter and are a drop in but you will also need the wiring looms as you plugs are different and you’ll need to splice them in.

Thanks, the car is a good base and look forward to work on it.
I’ll have a look at that product to disguise the craze marks.
Seat is indeed remarkably good.

Thank you, will look into those.