My x300 indicators stopped clicking today

I am not quite sure where to start looking. None of the other sounds have been working since I have had the car, but the indicator sound worked up until today. Maybe this is related?
This car is full of electrical gremlins. Maybe a special edition for the Italian market :slight_smile:

Column audible warning ‘speaker’ failed is the most likely problem.

I keep a few in stock for all my cars.

64 Ohm .3 to .5 watt replacements are available.

Thank you, I’ll have a look.

The speaker works fine and I can’t find a fault with the wiring. It seems Temperatur dependent, today it is much warmer and the clicking is back. Where is the sound generated? I think it might be a bad solder joint somewhere.

Could be a faulty solder joint at the speaker or the connection to the harness.
I think the sounds are generated from the BPM.(could be a bad solder joint in the Body Processor Module at one of the output transistors?)

I have disassembled a BPM that had a fault (don’t remember what) and opened the case to find the transistor to circuit board cracked solder joint.

I think the speaker diameter is 50mm and the 64Ohm, .3 or .5 Watt is the correct replacement. Some of the Jaguars have different harness connectors (1988 to 2003) but a soldering iron will get any connector from the old speaker to the replacement for ‘plug-in’.

The plastic upper column trim housing halves need to be separated for diagnostics and replacement. (easy enough with about 5 screws?)

Thank you! I will have a look at the BPM when the sound disappears again. Solder joints on the speaker are ok, but I resoldered them anyway just in case.
None of the other sounds are working, even when the indicator sound does, and I wonder why. But I am not too bothered. The indicator sound is important to me though.

Yeah turn signal audible indicators are helpful so you don’t inadvertently ‘drive around forever turning to the left’. (I hate following those people)

You do not state the MY but the BPM and an AUDIBLE WARNING modules are tied together in a ‘kind of’ network in the electrical guides.

I don’t remember the exact relationship between the two.


It is a 1996. I am pretty sure it is only a matter of time until it will go quiet again. I shall investigate further when it happens.

Thanks for the information!

Electrical Guide S96_SED is the one you need.

The guide I looked was NOT the 1996 so I looked again and the BPM controls ALL the functions of Audible Warnings. (Figure 11.3)

Would you happen to have that guide? I only have the 95MY one (I originally got all these for my 95 X305).


Edit: forget about it. I looked at the printed version I have. On my CD I have all mopdel years.

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