My X350 appears to have been totaled

I’m just waiting on the call I strongly suggest will say that the tree that fell on GUD KITY, my Radiance Pearl ‘06 VDP, totaled the beast. It also hit my Prius to the tune of $3700, but the Prius is fixable.

I’m going to go over to the XK/XK8/XKR lists for a little education before deciding whether to get another sedan or live a little in my old age and get my only ragtop.

Presuming the car is totaled, at least I don’t have to spend money replacing the radiator or having the transmission filter/pan/fluid changed. What truly distresses me is I have maintained the VDP meticulously. 16 years of age, 86K miles. Just getting broken in! It needed front/rear glass, one side window, R-side mirror knocked off, and scratches, dents, creases on roof and six body panels.

Cheers to all.

Eliot Brenner
Annandale, VA

Always hard to hear! I lost my 2001 VP Supercharged. Got plowed when parked! Broke my heart! But I was able to upgrade to a 2005 Super, which I like tremendously! Hopefully something new will come along that you even like better!

You might buy the salvage and fix it up yourself?


Thanks for the suggestion. I’ve thought about that. I could probably do it with the check I would get. However, I then have to have a salvage title and here in Virginia there’s a pain-in-the-butt process to have it retitled as a “repaired” vehicle, a different category than a regular title. On top of that, I was about to drop about $2200 on it to have the radiator replaced and the transmission filter/fluid changed, and that would still be hanging over me.

I’ll keep the list posted once I have this sorted out. I appreciate your taking time to check in with me.


Or you could sell the remains to a local friend who bought your last XJ…

Peter: I be delighted, but I can’t. I signed it over to send to a salvage yard last Friday. If you had it, you’d be faced with: front/rear glass, one side window, three major dents in the roof, dents/paintwork needed on seven body panels plus paint on roof. Now, outside of that, while it ran great, it was going to need a radiator and the trans filter/fluid change shortly. If you want to buy the wreck, I can find out the name of the yard in Fredericksburg that will have it.

I’m looking for a replacement now, preferably an XK8, early XK either convertible or coupe, but an X350/358 if necessary. Much dispute in my house about the lack of need for a second car, let alone a car my wife really isn’t capable of riding in.

I hope the X300L continues to serve you well.


Eliot, your car would have been ideal for Peter. It’s damaged body parts would match his perfectly, and Dorothy is always saying he needs he needs new filters and a fluid flush and replacement service.

I thought of you at the weekend Gazzer, when I was fitting the long-forgotten powerfolds to my VDP. Apart from that moment of nausea, the job went very well.

Eliot, I was only kidding. I upgraded to a 2001 VDP last November. Yesterday I finished the thermostat tower swap, last week the cam chain tensioners and that leaves a knock sensor when I have the time,