My XJ-S Pre HE project - where to post?

Bit of a general question here? I’ve been asking questions but it would be nice to post photos to show the good people on here what I am actually doing which is restoring a Pre HE XJ-S and add photos etc.

What is the best category on JagLovers to post to? The XJ-S forum? I had a look through the forum titles but basically want to post regular updates without getting in the way of people’s posts if you get my drift.

Thanks, Malc

Here is the old thing. I love it!

Here, welcome. Always good to get another member.

Lovely car. The XJ-S list is the correct place for your posts and pictures. Is that color Signal Red?
Your 1976 XJ-S may be among the earliest cars being posted about on this list so your pictures and posts would be especially welcome.


Superb yes thanks Paul, it’s Signal Red. A real period 70’s colour! Black interior too.

I am part-way through the restoration and have loads of photos. I will think of a way to make it interesting for you all!

I’ll start with a general intro post.

Thanks, Malc.

Post some photos of the interior. I rode in a pre-H.E. once and was intrigued by how different the early interior was.

Will do. It’s really plain next to later cars.

I thought you might enjoy seeing a picture of one of the posters on my garage. It appears to look a lot like your car.


Paul I have to get that poster!


Hmmm. The early cars didn’t have a growler on the hood?

Just search eBay for “1975 Jaguar XJ-S ad” and you will find some of the original XJ-S magazine ads that look like the one I have.


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If you need any early parts I dismantled a 76 and 78 and have some interior , driveline and other stuff stored.

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