Mysterious rear lamps on my Mark IV

Hi to All!

One of my 3.5L Mark IV’s has two rear lamps on the back - well, lamps without lenses…
This car is original and was build by Vanden Plas in Belgium for Belgian market so this kind of derogations are possible.

The thing is that I can’t recognize the model of those rear lamps.

I’ve already looked in Lucas Master Catalogue /400D/ from that era and did not find anything.

Does this shape of the lamp reminds You of something ?

Is it possible that they aren’t made by Lucas, The car being made in Belgium , they may have used a Continental brand of lamp.

Funny thing as today I’ve looked on one of my MK4 die cast 1:43 models and it has rear lights in almost the same shape…

Hard to tell at that small scale model size but they look like the standard Lucas lamps used vertically on many models and horizontally on D-types.

I have seen the 1955-60 era Lucas tail lights on a couple of Mark IVs, which I presume were added because an early owner thought the originals were inadequate or he wanted turn signals.

My XK120 was originally sold to a French owner and has Marchal side parking lights, which were required in France, but are not in the XK120 parts catalogue.

I would take off those lights and look for markings on the back. Then I would look at Marchal as the most likely supplier, followed by CAV and Rotax.
Try these people, they might recognize them.

Than You Peter & Rob for Your posts.

Rob it may be a hint to look within Marchal rear lamps.

Taking off these lights won’t be so simple - the screws You see on the picture are meant for lenses, I can take them out with hand. Presumably the lights are glued what worries me as I don’t want to destroy the paint on the car (which is original paint) and the gaskets.

I think that they were mounted on the car for road law reasons.
For example these times in Germany vintage cars need to have additional lights.

Anyway, the research follows …

Guys! I may have a little find here.

These may not be the proper lenses but comparing them with light base bolted to my car, the proper one
might have the same style:

  • the screws are in similar place
  • the lamp is divided into two smaller lights

What do You think?

Your find (ebay?) is almost but not quite the same. The shape of the body is more rounded pointy at the bottom end, where yours has more definite straight portions.

I see yours has single filament sockets in both upper and lower, so it is intended for the tail and brake light functions, but not turn signal.

With the pair on the left, the lower portions have amber lenses, so I suspect they are intended for turn signals. The bulb is probably centered directly behind that bullseye in the lens, where yours is a bit higher. It would be useful to know if the upper portion has a single or a twin filament bulb?

The upper round lenses have a reflector in the lower half, which may help to date them. Reflectors were beginning to be required in certain jurisdictions in 1954. Service Bulletin 150 dated August 1954 is about the new reflector regulations and installing reflectors on Mark IV, Mark V, Mark VII and XK120. These were separate unlighted parts made by Remax, and on Mark IV were screwed onto the bumper brackets. It mentions that taillamps incorporating reflectors would be on the new cars beginning Oct '54. So I suspect that these you have found may date from around 1954 or later?

Perhaps you could take yours off and let us see the back side?

I think the lamps you have found are from a Ford Anglia 1959 onwards.
(Not a very good period match for a 1940s Jaguar!)

Peter :open_mouth:

p.s. Block up the holes and fit something much smaller below the rear bumper if you must have modern lights.

Peter, I don’t want to have modern lights :slight_smile:
I want to find original lenses for the ones that are on the car.

Yes Rob I also see that the lights for Ford Anglia are different from mine - fortunately :slight_smile:

I will try to take off one of the light and then we will see what’s written there …hopefully!

If you are wanting to copy the type of lights on the model then it was most probably based on a car that had been fitted with either of these types:


Flashing indicators at that time normally had a relay system that used the brake light lamp on one side.

The MkIV Jaguars never had rear lamps fitted as per the model when they left the factory.


Yes Peter,

but remember that with this MKIV there’s different story as it was build in Belgium by Vanden Plas.
I’ve read that some accessories could be fitted by Vanden Plas ideas.
We have to note that in Belgium road restrictions - law was/is more stricter than in UK :slight_smile:

Hi Mateusz,

I did ask a friend of mine who is very knowledgeable regarding Marchal lamps and Italian and French cars, but he suggested that you would need at a minimum unmount the lamps and see what part numbers could be found on the back (and perhaps country of origin?) and also figure out what are the bulb sizes/standards as well as the original wires and what kind of connectors they have/had. Then it might be easier to determine what they are and when they were made.


Pekka T. - 647194

Thanks Pekka - I’ll try to go this way and unmount one of the remains of the lamp.
The update should come quite soon.

So today I went to my mummy car and amounted lower part of the taillight.

Unfortunately no words on the back of the lower metal part.

This taillight looks to me like it’s build from two other lights.

When You look closely You will notice the hole (number 2) that wasn’t used at all.

  • the lower part was somehow slipped under the body of upper (round) part.

Screws no 1 are for outside lens only.

Somebody “smart” just screw this lower panel to the car body with one screw (hole no 3).

Still nothing further discovered :frowning:

the lower part was somehow slipped under the body of upper (round) part.

This doesn’t look like Vanden Plas work, it suggests to me that the lower light may not be original to the car, that maybe it is a later repair job by somebody who couldn’t get the original type, whatever that was.

I am curious to see what is on the back of the upper light.

Have you traced the wiring to see what functions are served by these two lights?
What is the situation with turn signals?

Yep. This whole tail light looks for me like self-made light by the previous owner. No scripts etc.

I’ll have to self-made plastic lens for the current shape or replace the taillights.

The upper light is not possible to move - as for now.

Is this the same?

I think those are these: (See previous postings)