Mysterious switch on dash

on the left side of the dash (you can only see it with the drivers door open there is an on off switch.does any one know what its for?

None that’s I was aware of when I had my ‘40, can you post a photo?

You have to open the door to see it it’s at the very left and of the dashboard on the driver side

Definitely sounds like an aftermarket add-on, maybe an alarm or kill switch? Have you tried to follow the wires from the switch?

Yep aftermarket DPO fitment.

not yet i just saw it today.i will turn if off tomorrow and see if it still starts.if it is a kill switch it pretty conspicuous. plus it does not look aftermarket it looks factory.

it doesn’t look aftermarket . i am just gonna turn it on and off while its running and see what happens and the same with just the key turned on.also i have a red blinking light that stays all the time i assumed was an alarm but i did not know how to use that factory?its kind of on top behind the steering wheel ,i will see if this turns it off