Mysterious wood

Hi Everyone,
i have a piece of wood that I can not id where it goes on my XK140 DHC. Can anyone please help?

Thanks in advance

mounting block for boot light on backside of boot trim panel

What is the boot trim panel? To my American brain, this is the mounting block for the light mounted on the trunk (boot) lid.

When in Rome do as a Roman - same applies when you are talking about British made Jaguars… :grin:

Very interesting - I don’t have the boot lid trim panel for my car, it was missing when I bought it, as was the boot light. Before you do anything with that, Chris, would you be able to take a full set of measurements of it? It’d be very much appreciated.
Nice piece of Utile hardwood, I think?

Here are the measurements for the wood piece.

L = 4"
W = 2"
H = 1"

![wood_LI (2)|375x500]

Hopes this helps.

Brilliant, thanks Chris, very helpful and much appreciated.


Hi Chris, if you get a chance would you be able to give me a couple more dimensions on this block, please? Thanks,